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Iman Ghosh

Anupa (Iman) Ghosh is a senior writer and Publishing Operations Manager at Visual Capitalist, a data-driven media site focused on making the world's information more accessible.

Contributions By Iman Ghosh

  • Green5 months ago

    The Domino Effects of Tropical Deforestation

    10 million hectares of forests are lost every year. What are the knock-on effects of such drastic tropical deforestation?

  • Plant-based alternatives8 months ago

    5 Opportunities for Innovation in the Plant-Based Food Market

    With the booming popularity of plant-based food, here are five innovative opportunities to reshape the industry and meet the meatless demand.

  • Sponsored9 months ago

    How Ending Tropical Deforestation Can Keep Global Warming Below 1.5°C

    Tropical deforestation is a culprit of carbon emissions—which makes protecting forests crucial to keep to the Paris Agreement 1.5°C pathway.

  • Sponsored9 months ago

    Putting Pet Health First: Chronic Illnesses in Dogs and Cats

    The global pet health care market is set to surpass $350 billion by 2027. Which chronic illnesses are most prevalent in pets?

  • 200 Years of Democratic Rights Worldwide 200 Years of Democratic Rights Worldwide
    Maps1 year ago

    Mapped: 200 Years of Political Regimes, by Country

    Only 93 countries enjoy a basic level of democratic rights as of 2020. Find out how this has changed in 200 years.

  • Energy1 year ago

    A Global Breakdown of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector

    A Global Breakdown of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector In a few decades, greenhouse gases (GHGs)—chiefly in the form of CO₂ emissions—have risen at unprecedented rates...

  • Wealth1 year ago

    The Richest Women in America in One Graphic

    Only 12% of billionaires in the U.S. are women. Who is part of this prestigious group of the richest women in America?

  • Sponsored1 year ago

    The High Cost of Chronic Diseases Worldwide

    6 in 10 U.S. adults live with at least one chronic disease. What are the high costs of chronic diseases, and the challenges of treating them?

  • Sponsored1 year ago

    Recycling in America: How Can Investors Help Fix a Broken System?

    Nearly 40 million U.S. households have little to no access to recycling. Why is now the opportune time to fix recycling in America?

  • Sponsored1 year ago

    7 ESG Essentials Investors Need to Know

    Want to invest in ESG, but not sure where to start? Begin with these 7 ESG essentials every investor should know.