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Ranked: Semiconductor Companies by Industry Revenue Share



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A pie chart showing the biggest semiconductor companies by the percentage share of the industry’s revenues in 2023.

Semiconductor Companies by Industry Revenue Share

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Did you know that some computer chips are now retailing for the price of a new BMW?

As computers invade nearly every sphere of life, so too have the chips that power them, raising the revenues of the businesses dedicated to designing them.

But how did various chipmakers measure against each other last year?

We rank the biggest semiconductor companies by their percentage share of the industry’s revenues in 2023, using data from Omdia research.

Which Chip Company Made the Most Money in 2023?

Market leader and industry-defining veteran Intel still holds the crown for the most revenue in the sector, crossing $50 billion in 2023, or 10% of the broader industry’s topline.

All is not well at Intel, however, with the company’s stock price down over 20% year-to-date after it revealed billion-dollar losses in its foundry business.

RankCompany2023 Revenue% of Industry Revenue
6SK Hynix$24B4.4%
9Infineon Tech$17B3.2%
11Texas Instruments$17B3.1%
12Micron Technology$16B2.9%
15Analog Devices$12B2.2%
16Renesas Electronics
17Sony Semiconductor
Solutions Corporation
18Microchip Technology$8B1.5%
20KIOXIA Corporation$7B1.3%
N/ATotal $545B100%

Note: Figures are rounded. Totals and percentages may not sum to 100.


Meanwhile, Nvidia is very close to overtaking Intel, after declaring $49 billion of topline revenue for 2023. This is more than double its 2022 revenue ($21 billion), increasing its share of industry revenues to 9%.

Nvidia’s meteoric rise has gotten a huge thumbs-up from investors. It became a trillion dollar stock last year, and broke the single-day gain record for market capitalization this year.

Other chipmakers haven’t been as successful. Out of the top 20 semiconductor companies by revenue, 12 did not match their 2022 revenues, including big names like Intel, Samsung, and AMD.

The Many Different Types of Chipmakers

All of these companies may belong to the same industry, but they don’t focus on the same niche.

According to Investopedia, there are four major types of chips, depending on their functionality: microprocessors, memory chips, standard chips, and complex systems on a chip.

Nvidia’s core business was once GPUs for computers (graphics processing units), but in recent years this has drastically shifted towards microprocessors for analytics and AI.

These specialized chips seem to be where the majority of growth is occurring within the sector. For example, companies that are largely in the memory segment—Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron Technology—saw peak revenues in the mid-2010s.


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Mapped: The Number of AI Startups By Country

Over the past decade, thousands of AI startups have been funded worldwide. See which countries are leading the charge in this map graphic.



Mapped: The Number of AI Startups By Country

This was originally posted on our Voronoi app. Download the app for free on iOS or Android and discover incredible data-driven charts from a variety of trusted sources.

Amidst the recent expansion of artificial intelligence (AI), we’ve visualized data from Quid (accessed via Stanford’s 2024 AI Index Report) to highlight the top 15 countries which have seen the most AI startup activity over the past decade.

The figures in this graphic represent the number of newly funded AI startups within that country, in the time period of 2013 to 2023. Only companies that received over $1.5 million in private investment were considered.



Data and Highlights

The following table lists all of the numbers featured in the above graphic.

RankGeographic areaNumber of newly funded
AI startups (2013-2023)
1🇺🇸 United States5,509
2🇨🇳 China1,446
3🇬🇧 United Kingdom727
4🇮🇱 Israel442
5🇨🇦 Canada397
6🇫🇷 France391
7🇮🇳 India338
8🇯🇵 Japan333
9🇩🇪 Germany319
10🇸🇬 Singapore193
11🇰🇷 South Korea189
12🇦🇺 Australia147
13🇨🇭 Switzerland123
14🇸🇪 Sweden94
15🇪🇸 Spain94

From this data, we can see that the U.S., China, and UK have established themselves as major hotbeds for AI innovation.

In terms of funding, the U.S. is massively ahead, with private AI investment totaling $335 billion between 2013 to 2023. AI startups in China raised $104 billion over the same timeframe, while those in the UK raised $22 billion.

Further analysis reveals that the U.S. is widening this gap even more. In 2023, for example, private investment in the U.S. grew by 22% from 2022 levels. Meanwhile, investment fell in China (-44%) and the UK (-14.1%) over the same time span.



Where is All This Money Flowing To?

Quid also breaks down total private AI investment by focus area, providing insight into which sectors are receiving the most funding.

Focus AreaGlobal Investment in 2023
(USD billions)
🤖 AI infrastructure, research,
and governance
🗣️ Natural language
📊 Data management$5.5
⚕️ Healthcare$4.2
🚗 Autonomous vehicles$2.7
💰 Fintech$2.1
⚛️ Quantum computing$2.0
🔌 Semiconductor$1.7
⚡ Energy, oil, and gas$1.5
🎨 Creative content$1.3
📚 Education$1.2
📈 Marketing$1.1
🛸 Drones$1.0
🔒 Cybersecurity$0.9
🏭 Manufacturing$0.9
🛒 Retail$0.7
🕶️ AR/VR$0.7
🛡️ Insurtech$0.6
🎬 Entertainment$0.5
💼 VC$0.5
🌾 Agritech$0.5
⚖️ Legal tech$0.4
👤 Facial recognition$0.3
🌐 Geospatial$0.2
💪 Fitness and wellness$0.2

Attracting the most money is AI infrastructure, research, and governance, which refers to startups that are building AI applications (like OpenAI’s ChatGPT).

The second biggest focus area is natural language processing (NLP), which is a type of AI that enables computers to understand and interpret human language. This technology has numerous use cases for businesses, particularly in financial services, where NLP can power customer support chatbots and automated wealth advisors.

With $8 billion invested into NLP-focused startups during 2023, investors appear keenly aware of this technology’s transformative potential.

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