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Visual Capitalist believes that the media landscape is undergoing a massive change. For this reason, we’re a media brand that does things differently.

Our company’s mission is to make the world’s information more accessible, and therefore we allow anyone to re-purpose the infographics and charts that we create.



Whether you’d like to use our infographics or charts in a company presentation, or you’d like to post it in your blog, please feel free to do so as long as you provide attribution by linking back to the page with the original graphic.



Similar to the above answer, you are welcome to take the full posts that we write and to re-use them how you see fit, as long as there is appropriate attribution.

Every day, the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data – but as you can imagine, sifting through all of this to find the good data is the challenge.



While we have access to some proprietary data, the vast majority of our graphics rely on the many quality public sources of data available. These include government entities (i.e. U.S. Census data, FRED, etc.), intergovernmental organizations (IMF, World Bank, etc.), or established thought leaders in their respective sectors (think tanks, non-profits, corporations).





We lean towards using these types of sources because publicly available data is verifiable, accessible, and transparent.


Lastly, it’s worth noting that we believe that how data is communicated is just as important as where it comes from. This is why we focus on using the power of visual content.

The vast majority of what we publish on Visual Capitalist is optimized for online viewing on our website, however we do plan to offer poster versions of some of our most popular infographics.






You can also see printed infographics by checking out our recently published coffee table book, Visualizing Change.

Our design team uses a range of tools and techniques, but Adobe Creative Cloud – especially Illustrator – are generally used to create the pieces that go on the site. Motion graphic videos are created using After Effects.

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