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Frequently Asked Questions

Visual Capitalist believes that the media landscape is undergoing a massive change. For this reason, we’re a media brand that does things differently.

About Visual Capitalist

Every day, the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data – but as you can imagine, sifting through all of this to find the good data is the challenge.


While we have access to some proprietary data, the vast majority of our graphics rely on the many quality public sources of data available. These include government entities (i.e. U.S. Census data, FRED, etc.), intergovernmental organizations (IMF, World Bank, etc.), or established thought leaders in their respective sectors (think tanks, non-profits, corporations).


We lean towards using these types of sources because publicly available data is verifiable, accessible, and transparent.


Lastly, it’s worth noting that we believe that how data is communicated is just as important as where it comes from. This is why we focus on using the power of visual content.

Our design team uses a range of tools and techniques, but Adobe Creative Cloud – especially Illustrator – are generally used to create the pieces that go on the site. Motion graphic videos are created using After Effects.

Visual Capitalist is independently owned, with its Editor-in-Chief (Jeff Desjardins) as a majority shareholder. Visual Capitalist generates revenue from ads, licensing, and its premium service (VC+), and has not taken on any outside investments.

Using Our Visualizations

Absolutely – in fact, we allow you to use any original visualizations (.jpg, .png) from our website for free as long as:

– You don’t change anything on the visualization

– You provide attribution to Visual Capitalist

– You link back to us


However, by licensing our graphics, you gain additional options and permissions. For example, with the appropriate license, you can get access to the high-resolution source files (.ai, .pdf, .eps), which allow you to modify the visualization to suit your publishing needs.


In more advanced use cases, our enhanced license also allows you to whitelabel our infographics (use them as your own without attribution), to change the look of the graphics, or even translate them into your native language.

You can download and print our infographics directly from our website, however the vast majority of what we publish on Visual Capitalist is optimized for online viewing.

To translate our infographics into your native language, you are required to purchase an enhanced license.

Our infographics can provide added value in a classroom setting, so we are more than happy for you to use them in an educational capacity, providing that we are appropriately credited. If you are using our content in a hand-out and wish to edit the infographic, it must be licensed.

If you own multiple media outlets and wish to publish our infographics across a number of titles, you will need to license the visualization for each individual publication.

If you would like to license an infographic, please visit our licensing site to purchase credits and choose a visualization in the content library. 

Working with Us

We harness the power of visual storytelling, working with you to create powerful data-driven visuals that sort signals from noise – and we position them in front of the right people.


Find out more about what we can do for you.

All interview requests are dealt with on a case by case basis. Please email [email protected] to speak to a member of our communications team.

Content published on our website must abide by specific guidelines our company has set to uphold our standards for credibility. All of our content is data-driven rather than opinion based.
For the above reasons, guest posts are not always the best fit, but we are always open to hearing from you.
We are accepting submissions of data-driven visuals for consideration via our Creator Program.

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