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We've put together some guidelines on the types of work we are looking for and our requirements for submission. Take a look through our FAQs for more information.

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Cover image of Technical Guide for submissions

Check out our design guide to help prepare your work for Visual Capitalist.

Cover image of Technical Guide for submissions

Check your graphic's narrative against Visual Capitalist's editorial guidelines.


Whether you side hustle with data on Reddit or produce graphics full time for media, anyone can submit data-driven visuals for consideration by using the submission form. Our editorial team will review the work and decide whether it meets our criteria.

Generally we’re looking for data-driven graphics that make the world’s data more accessible. Whether it’s a chart, an infographic, an interactive, or an animation, we’re looking for work that’s:
    • Visually interesting
    • Unbiased
    • Credible, with verifiable data sources
    • Appealing to our audience (see the Visual Capitalist site for the topics we cover)
You can read more detail about the criteria in our editorial guidelines.
Yes! As long as you’re the owner of the visual and it hasn’t been widely viewed before, we will consider using it.
Yes! There is no limit to the number of pieces you can submit. We will compensate creators for every visual that we use.
This is reserved for a visual that our Editors believe particularly stands out. That may be because it’s of an exceptional standard, is very different and unique, is newsworthy or timeless. There is no fixed number of Editor’s Choice visuals per month and there is no extra work a Creator can do to be considered.
Yes. Visual Capitalist only acts as a distributor of your work to our audience. It remains your work and we will credit you whenever we use it.

We try to review all work and make a decision as soon as we can. Due to an overwhelming amount of submissions, this can take many weeks and we may not be able to respond to every submission. If you’d like to inquire about a specific piece, please contact us at [email protected], with the subject line “Help: Submission” and your Submission ID.

We pay you within 30 days of publishing your visual on the site. Simply send us your preferred payment details when requested and we’ll send you a bank transfer.

Just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll make the changes for you!
Yes! We consider each submission on its own merits. Though if you received feedback from our team before, to avoid any disappointment, please make sure that feedback is taken into consideration before submitting any more pieces.
At this time, our audience is primarily based in North America and Europe, so pieces should be submitted in English. If your work has been published before in another language, feel free to submit a translated version.
Ideally, static graphics should be 1200px wide and no more than 3MB. Animated graphics should adhere to Vimeo’s guidelines. Larger graphics may be considered as well. Check out our technical guidelines for more information.


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