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  • Jono Heygreen check mark icon

    World, Sketches, General

    Jono is the creator of Sketchplanations, on a mission to put the wisdom of the world into...

  • Ruben Berge Mathisengreen check mark icon

    Economic inequality, Arms flows, Democracy

    I am a political scientist working at the University of Bergen, Norway. My research focuses on the...

  • Victor Déprégreen check mark icon

    Data Visualization, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence

    Victor is a data analyst who loves creating impactful and great looking visualizations. After studying advanced mathematics...

  • Latinometricsgreen check mark icon

    Latin America, Trends

    Our purpose is to help Latin America and its decision-makers (entrepreneurs, investors, economists, policymakers, business leaders) make...

  • Zainab Ayodimejigreen check mark icon

    Data visualization, Analysis, Dashboard

    Zainab is a data scientist with an affinity for data visualisation and a two time Tableau Public...

  • Ivett Kovácsgreen check mark icon

    data visualization

    Ivett is a data visualization developer and designer (Tableau Zen Master and Public Ambassador) who teaches data...

  • Neil Richardsgreen check mark icon

    Geometric, Unconventional, Design Driven

    Neil is a four time Tableau Visionary (formerly known as Zen Master), a data visualisation hobbyist, blogger,...

  • Athul Alexandergreen check mark icon

    Current Events

    Athul is a digital designer specializing in infographics and motion designing. Hailing from Kerala, India, Athul came...

  • Alasdair Raegreen check mark icon

    Maps and Geography

    Alasdair is an internationally recognized mapmaker, data analyst, author and visual storyteller. Formerly a Professor of Urban...

  • Christina Kostandigreen check mark icon

    data visualization, data science, interactive

    Christina is a data visualization specialist helping to create interactive data experiences at Visual Capitalist. She holds...

  • Mark Belangreen check mark icon

    data visualization, astrobiology, geochemistry

    Mark is a scientific graphics journalist and visual communicator, working at the intersection of art and science...

  • Chit Chartgreen check mark icon


    From the bottom of the ocean to outer space, our world is full of data. Which are...

  • Eleonora Nazandergreen check mark icon

    Behavioural Economics

    Eleonora is an Advanced Analytics professional and management consultant who loves creating business insights from data.

  • Giulia De Amicisgreen check mark icon

    Environment, Ecology, Geography

    Since graduating in 2012, Giulia has been working at multidisciplinary projects as a designer and illustrator, both...

  • Pablo Carlos Budassigreen check mark icon

    Universe, Time, Illustration

    Pablo is from Mendoza, Argentina and is on a quest to understand the great mysteries of the...

  • Eleanor Lutzgreen check mark icon

    Biology, Science, Illustration

    Eleanor is a designer specializing in data and science visualization. She holds a PhD in biology from...

  • James O’Donoghuegreen check mark icon

    Planetary and Atmospheric Science

    James is a planetary scientist with the Japanese space agency (JAXA) based just outside of Tokyo. He...

  • Anders Sundellgreen check mark icon

    Political Representation, Public Opinion and Policy

    Anders holds a PhD in political science from University of Gothenburg, Sweden, where he is an associate...

  • Our World in Datagreen check mark icon

    Data, Information

    Our World in Data is a small team dedicated to making the knowledge on the world's big...

  • James Eaglegreen check mark icon

    Finance, Investing

    James is a highly regarded content creator and storyteller, who originated in the financial services sector. He...


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