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Jacqueline Tangorra, CPA green check mark icon

business intelligence, poetry, AI/ML

Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra is a licensed New York Certified Public Accountant and data analyst who founded Omni Business Intelligence Solutions ("OBIS") in 2021. With seven years of experience at PwC in financial auditing and management consulting, she led successful projects for enterprise clients and obtained various certifications from Adobe, Tableau, Microsoft, and Alteryx.

Jacqueline founded OBIS to provide customized reporting solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. Using data ingestion, cleansing, visualization, and storytelling, she communicates insights in a clear, compelling, and evocative way. Her unique combination of skills, including her passion for data and background as a published poet and author, allows her to create visually engaging and poetic reports that provide valuable insights and leave a lasting impression on the end user. Through OBIS, Jacqueline is dedicated to helping her clients make data-driven decisions and implement efficient processes based on valuable insights gathered through business intelligence.