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Charted: The Richest Politicians in the U.S.



Richest Politicians in the U.S.

Charted: The Richest Politicians in the U.S.

Entering politics doesn’t require a specific income, yet many politicians are multimillionaires.

At some of the highest echelons of U.S. politics are federal and state-level politicians worth hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions. Who is the wealthiest U.S. politician today?

This graphic visualizes the net worth of America’s 12 richest politicians, using consolidated data as of June 2023 from GoBankingRates.

Which Politician is Richer Than Donald Trump?

The list of richest politicians in the U.S. includes three billionaires, with the most famous being former U.S. President Donald Trump.

His wealth is closely tied to The Trump Organization, which has interests in real estate, hotels, casinos, and media. But Trump is not the wealthiest U.S. politician by most estimtates.

At the top is the Governor of Illinois Jay Robert Pritzker. A longtime financial supporter of the Democratic Party, he is a member of the wealthy Pritzker family, which owns Hyatt Hotels & Resorts.

PoliticianTitleParty AffiliationNet Worth
J.B. PritzkerGovernor of IllinoisDemocrat$3.4B
Donald Trump45th PresidentRepublican$2B
Doug BurgumGovernor of North DakotaRepublican$1.1B
Darrell IssaRepresentative (CA 48th District)Republican$460M
Jim JusticeGovernor of West VirginiaRepublican$450M
Jared PolisGovernor of ColoradoDemocrat$400M
Glenn YoungkinGovernor of VirginiaRepublican$400M
Mitt RomneySenator, UtahRepublican$300M
Rick ScottSenator, FloridaRepublican$300M
Mark WarnerSenator, VirginiaDemocrat$215M
Scott PetersRepresentative (CA 50th District)Democrat$200M
Michael McCaulRepresentative (TX 10th District)Republican$200M

Completing the billionaires list is North Dakota’s Governor Doug Burgum. In 2001, Burgum sold the accounting software company Great Plains Software to Microsoft for $1.1 billion and later founded several investment firms.

The wealthiest serving member of Congress is Republican Rep. Darrell Issa from California. Issa served as the CEO of Directed Electronics, which he co-founded in 1982. It is one of the largest makers of automobile aftermarket security and convenience products in the United States.

At the bottom of the list is Texas Rep. Michael McCaul. Before being elected to Congress in 2005, the Republican served as Chief of Counter-Terrorism and National Security in the U.S. Attorney’s office, and led the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

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Visualized: Top 15 Global Tank Fleets

Heavily armed and armored, the modern tank is a versatile and mobile weapons platform, and a critical piece of contemporary warfare. 



Teaser image for an dot matrix chart of the top 15 global tank fleets, broken down by main battle tanks, armored fighting vehicles, and storage, showing that the U.S. is number one, by a wide margin.

The Top 15 Global Tank Fleets

This was originally posted on our Voronoi app. Download the app for free on iOS or Android and discover incredible data-driven charts from a variety of trusted sources.

Heavily armed and armored, the modern tank is a versatile and mobile weapons platform, and a critical piece of contemporary warfare.

This visualization shows the top 15 global tank fleets, using data from the 2024 Military Balance report from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

Let’s take an in-depth look at the top three fleets:

1. United States

As the world’s pre-eminent military power, it’s perhaps no surprise that the United States also has the largest tank fleet, by a wide margin.

In total, they have just over 45,000 armored fighting vehicles in operation, along with 2,640 main battle tanks (MBTs), and 12,800 vehicles in storage, of which 2,000 are main battle tanks.

CategoryVehiclesGlobal rank
Main battle tanks2,6404
Armored reconnaissance1,7451
Infantry fighting vehicles3,2623
Armored personnel carriers10,6441
Amphibious assault vehicles1,4011
Armored utility vehicles28,4451

The U.S. is internalizing the lessons from the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, where Western-supplied anti-tank weapons and massed Ukrainian artillery have been cutting Russian tanks to pieces. As a result, the U.S. recently canceled an upgrade of the M1 Abrams in favor of a more ambitious upgrade.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is nervously eyeing a more confident China and a potential clash over Taiwan, where air and naval forces will be critical. However, a recent war game showed that Taiwanese mechanized ground forces, kitted out with American-made tanks and armored fighting vehicles, were critical in keeping the island autonomous.

2. Russia

According to Oryx, a Dutch open-source intelligence defense website, at time of writing, Russia has lost almost 2,800 main battle tanks since invading Ukraine. Considering that in the 2022 edition of the Military Balance, Russia was estimated to have 2,927 MBTs in operation, those are some hefty losses.

Russia has been able to maintain about 2,000 MBTs in the field, in part, by increasing domestic production. Many defense plants have been taken over by state-owned Rostec and now operate around the clock. Russia is also now spending a full third of their budget on defense, equivalent to about 7.5% of GDP.

At the same time, they’ve also been drawing down their Soviet-era stockpiles, which are modernized before being sent to the front. Just how long they can keep this up is an open question; their stockpiles are large, but not limitless. Here is what their storage levels look like:

Category20232024YOY change
Main battle tanks5,0004,000-20.0%
Armored reconnaissance1,000100-90.0%
Infantry fighting vehicles4,0002,800-30.0%
Armored personnel carriers6,0002,300-61.7%

3. China

China holds the third overall spot and top place globally for the number of main battle tanks in operation. Untypically, the People’s Liberation Army has no armored vehicles in storage, which perhaps isn’t surprising when you consider that China has been rapidly modernizing its military and that stockpiles usually contain older models.

China also has one of the world’s largest fleets of armored fighting vehicles, second only to the United States. Breaking down that headline number, we can also see that they have the largest number of light tanks, wheeled guns, and infantry fighting vehicles. 

CategoryVehiclesGlobal rank
Main battle tanks4,7001
Light tanks1,3301
Wheeled guns1,2501
Infantry fighting vehicles8,2001
Armored personnel carriers3,6045
Airborne combat vehicles1802
Amphibious assault vehicles9902

This is equipment that would be integral if China were to make an attempt to reunify Taiwan with the mainland by force, where lightly armored mechanized units need to move with speed to occupy the island before Western allies can enter the fray. It’s worth noting that China also has one of the world’s largest fleets of amphibious assault vehicles.

End of the Tank?

Many commentators at the outset of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, were quick to predict the end of the tank, however, to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the tank’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

With the U.S. and China both developing remote and autonomous armored vehicles, tanks could be quite different in the future, but there is nothing else that matches them for firepower, mobility, and survivability on the modern battlefield today.

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