Copper’s Contribution to EU’s Circular Economy

Copper's Contribution to EU's Circular Economy

Copper’s Contribution to EU’s Circular Economy

Copper is one of the most important materials for infrastructure and circuitry, and therefore it is needed in large amounts to build skyscrapers, vehicles, homes, and other important items. However, one interesting aspect of copper is that it is 100% recyclable, which makes it a very green material of choice for the Circular Economy.

The idea of the Circular Economy is the antithesis of the recent 20th century mantra of “take, make, and dispose”. With limited resources and a growing population, our current trajectory is difficult to sustain. A circular economy is restorative by design and is based on products and services that are able to limit waste of natural resources.

Copper fits right into this idea, and right now millions of tonnes of copper is recycled each year to maximize its utility to future generations.

Original graphic by: European Copper Institute


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