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Mapped: Where Do the Wealthiest People in the World Live?



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A map of the world showing where the wealthiest people live in 2024.

Where Do the Wealthiest People in the World Live?

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Investors didn’t expect 2023 to be the bumper year for returns it ended up being. Despite tightening monetary policies and surging bond yields, equities continued their strong performance (helped hugely by enthusiasm around the potential of artificial intelligence).

This has boosted wealth creation, and the growth of ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) in the world.

We map out where the 600,000+ UHNWIs reside, as of the end 2023. To be categorized as such, a person’s net worth needs to be higher than $30 million. This map uses data from the Knight Frank Wealth Report 2024.

It’s worth noting that some countries that are known hotspots for the wealthy—including Belgium, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Russia—do not have specified numbers in the source report and have not been covered in this map and article.

Ranked: Countries By Number of Ultra Wealthy Individuals

At the top of the ranks, accounting for more than one-third of the wealthiest in the world, the U.S. is home to 225,000 UHNWIs, more than double the number of 99,000 UHNWIs in China.

Together, the world’s two largest economies are home to 50% of the world’s wealthiest.

YoY Growth% of World
1🇺🇸 U.S.225,077+7.9%35.9%
2🇨🇳 China98,551+3.3%15.7%
3🇩🇪 Germany29,021+1.1%4.6%
4🇨🇦 Canada27,928+2.0%4.5%
5🇫🇷 France24,941+0.2%4.0%
6🇬🇧 UK23,072+3.1%3.7%
7🇯🇵 Japan21,710+0.3%3.5%
8🇮🇹 Italy15,952+3.8%2.5%
9🇦🇺 Australia15,347+2.9%2.4%
10🇨🇭 Switzerland14,734+5.2%2.4%
11🇮🇳 India13,263+6.1%2.1%
12🇪🇸 Spain10,149+1.7%1.6%
13🇳🇱 Netherlands8,390+0.2%1.3%
14🇹🇼 Taiwan7,640-0.3%1.2%
15🇰🇷 South Korea7,310+5.6%1.2%
16🇭🇰 Hong Kong5,957+2.5%1.0%
17🇸🇬 Singapore4,783+4.0%0.8%
18🇸🇪 Sweden4,125+2.5%0.7%
19🇳🇿 New Zealand2,587+2.9%0.4%
20🇳🇴 Norway2,276+1.1%0.4%
21🇦🇹 Austria2,167+0.3%0.3%
22🇹🇷 Türkiye1,932+9.7%0.3%
23🇮🇪 Ireland1,890+0.4%0.3%
24🇮🇩 Indonesia1,479+4.2%0.2%
25🇫🇮 Finland1,269+4.1%0.2%
26🇹🇭 Thailand889+0.8%0.1%
27🇿🇦 South Africa835-1.3%0.1%
28🇵🇹 Portugal800+3.0%0.1%
29🇲🇾 Malaysia754+4.3%0.1%
30🇻🇳 Vietnam752+2.4%0.1%
N/A🌐 Other51,039+0.1%8.1%
N/A🌍 World626,619+4.2%N/A

Note: The organization uses a dynamic proprietary wealth-sizing model created by their data engineering team to arrive at these figures. Exact numbers may change between different editions of this report.

Ranked third, Germany, has close to 30,000 UHNWIs, following the pattern of the biggest economic powerhouses having the highest share of the wealthy.

This correlation remains generally constant outside the top three as well, even if exact positions aren’t quite maintained:

  • Canada, 10th largest economy, 4th in share of wealthiest people.
  • Australia, 14th largest economy, 9th in wealthiest people.
  • Switzerland, 20th largest economy, 10th in wealthiest people.
  • India, 6th largest economy, 11th in wealthiest people.

Together, these top countries by share of UHNWIs account for 92% of all individuals with a net worth greater than $30 million.

Other countries, not specifically mentioned in the report, have 59,039 UHNWIs, or 8.1% of the world’s total.

Ranked: Regions By Number of Ultra Wealthy Individuals

Unsurprisingly, buoyed by the U.S. and China, North America and Asia are the top two regions by wealthiest individuals.

Europe is close behind Asia however; a reminder of the region’s collective economic might.

RankRegionUHNWI PopulationYoY Growth
1North America253,066+7.2%
4Middle East18,790+6.2%
6South America13,159-3.6%

The oil-rich Middle East also outperforms on the wealthy individuals metric and saw the highest YoY growth in the ultra-wealthy after North America.

The world as a whole grew its UHNWI population by 4.2% and only South America saw a contraction in numbers between 2022 and 2023.

Where Does This Data Come From?

Source: Knight Frank Wealth Report 2024.

Note: Some countries that are known hotspots for the wealthy, including Belgium, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Russia have not been specified by the source report, and thus do not appear on this map.

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Charted: Donald Trump’s Net Worth (2014-2024)

See how the Nasdaq debut of Trump Media & Technology Group has influenced Trump’s net worth, according to Forbes estimates.



Charted: Donald Trump’s Net Worth (2014-2024)

This was originally posted on our Voronoi app. Download the app for free on iOS or Android and discover incredible data-driven charts from a variety of trusted sources.

On March 26, 2024, Trump Media & Technology Group (Ticker: DJT) debuted on the Nasdaq exchange, climbing over 30% in its first two days of trading. This gave the company a valuation of $9.4 billion, greatly increasing Donald Trump’s net worth.

To put this increase into perspective, we’ve visualized the past 10 years of Trump’s wealth as measured by Forbes.

Trump’s Net Worth Jumps After Nasdaq Listing

The data we used to create this graphic can be found in the table below. As of April 1, 2024, Trump’s net worth was measured at $5.7 billion. Note that Forbes updates this value regularly.

YearNet Worth ($B)
(As of April 1)

It’s safe to say that going forward, Trump’s net worth will be largely influenced by the value of his stake in Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). SEC filings have revealed that the former president has a stake of at least 58.1% in the company.

What is Trump Media & Technology Group?

TMTG is a media company founded in 2021 by Trump, debuting on the Nasdaq as a public company after merging with Digital World Acquisition Corp, a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

Also known as “blank check companies”, SPACs are shell corporations listed on a stock exchange that acquire a private company with the purpose of making it public (without going through an IPO).

TMTG released its X (formerly Twitter) competitor, Truth Social, in Feb 2022. According to estimates from SimilarWeb, the platform had around 5 million monthly users as of Feb 2024.

DJT Slips After Reporting Weak Financials

After its hot debut on the Nasdaq, DJT shares have stumbled, falling by more than 20% on April 1. This is due to recent disclosures which revealed that the company lost over $58 million in 2023.

Revenue in 2023 was $4.1 million, which is higher than the $1.5 million generated in 2022.

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