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America’s Worst Drivers, by Car Brand



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A chart showing the number of accidents, tickets, DUIs, and citations per 1,000 drivers, sorted by car brand, to find America's worst drivers.

America’s Worst Drivers, by Car Brand

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Car insurance costs are up 30% since the pandemic but some drivers are getting hit with even higher premiums because of bad, or reckless, driving.

But who are America’s worst drivers? And what do they drive?

LendingTree analyzed “tens of millions” of insurance quotes between November 14, 2022 and 2023 in a bid to answer these polarizing questions. The researchers calculated the number of driving incidents (accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations) per 1,000 drivers sorted by vehicle brand in every state.

The Top Car Brands With America’s Worst Drivers

LendingTree’s logic is simple: The higher the incident count per brand, the more bad drivers behind the wheel of said brand.

At the top of the list, drivers of Rams (formerly Dodge Ram, spun off on its own since 2009) had 33 driving incidents per 1,000 drivers, making them the worst drivers in America.

A quick google search reveals the internet feels the same way, and LendingTree’s category analysis reveals that Ram drivers had the most speeding tickets, and second-most accidents and DUIs of all 30 brands in the dataset.

Here’s the full list of analyzed U.S. car brands, ranked from worst to best drivers.

RankCar BrandDriving Incidents/
1,000 Drivers

But what makes Ram drivers so bad? There’s a mix of factors here, which may not necessarily be the drivers themselves. Rams are the cheapest entry for pickup truck enthusiasts, and modern pickup trucks are one of the most dangerous vehicles to drive because of their design. They’re taller than most other vehicles on the road, creating blindspots for the driver, heavier, making them more likely to injure and kill, and generally bigger, making them harder to handle.

It is interesting to note however that drivers of other famous pickup truck brands, Chevrolet, Ford and GMC—which together with Rams, account for the best-selling vehicle in nearly every U.S. state—rank somewhere at the bottom of the top 20, far below Ram drivers.

Tesla and Subaru Also Have Some of America’s Worst Drivers

Only two other car brands, Tesla, and Subaru joined Ram in having 30 or more incidents per 1,000 drivers in the year.

Incidentally, Tesla drivers also had the highest accident rate (23.5/1000) in the analysis period. Last month the company announced a massive recall in the U.S. following a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report that said the use of Autosteer, a driving assistance software, may lead to “increased risk of collision.”

Meanwhile, BMW drivers (6th in worst drivers overall) had the highest DUI count (3.13/1,000) amongst the lot.

On the other hand, Pontiac and Mercury drivers were some of the best on the road registering only 16 incidents per 1,000 drivers, about half of their Ram counterparts.

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Almost Every EV Stock is Down After Q1 2024

We compiled the performance of 10 pure play EV stocks into one chart, revealing one company that bucked the broader trend.



Almost Every EV Stock is Down After Q1 2024

This was originally posted on our Voronoi app. Download the app for free on iOS or Android and discover incredible data-driven charts from a variety of trusted sources.

While the S&P 500 index climbed over 10% in Q1 2024, the majority of EV stocks declined by double digit percentages over the period.

This is surprising, given that EVs were once the hottest trend in tech (before artificial intelligence came around).

In this graphic, we’ve visualized the Q1 2024 performance of 10 prominent pure play EV companies. Pure play in this context means companies that only focus on electric vehicles.

EV Stock Performance

The data we used to create this graphic can be found in the table below. Note the two biggest outliers: Nikola (+24.9%) and Fisker (-98.7%).

CompanyQ1 Price Change (%)
Li Auto-12.5

The majority of EV stocks have fallen due to slowing demand in major markets like the U.S. and China. This is a serious problem for startups like Rivian and Lucid, which are not yet profitable.

In fact, legacy automakers like Ford are looking to expand production of hybrid vehicles, which is likely causing many investors to avoid pure EV stocks.

Two Outliers Emerge

Nikola shares have rallied in recent weeks as the company reported positive momentum in its hydrogen fuel cell truck business. The company also opened its first hydrogen refueling station in Southern California, and has five more in the works.

On the flipside, Fisker Inc. has struggled enormously, even being delisted from the NYSE in late March 2024. Fisker Inc. is the successor to Fisker Automotive, which went bankrupt in 2013. Fisker Automotive was known for producing the Karma, a luxury EV sedan that competed with the Tesla Model S.

Back to today’s Fisker, the company is once again in hot water. Over 40,000 customers have cancelled reservations for the company’s “Ocean” electric SUV, which is currently under investigation for door malfunctions.

Other Major EV Developments

In other news, Tesla is once again the world’s best-selling EV company, after outselling China’s BYD by 87,000 units in Q1 2024.

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