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Strathmore Minerals Corp. (TSX:STM)



Strathmore Snapshot

Strathmore is one of the largest holders of in-ground uranium resources in the United States. The Company’s goal is to become a leading uranium producer in the United States. Its core projects are located in the two largest historical uranium producing regions: the Grants Uranium District in New Mexico and the Gas Hills Uranium District in Wyoming.

Strathmore is advancing two core uranium development projects towards production: Roca Honda in New Mexico and the Gas Hills in Wyoming. In 2007, Roca Honda was partnered with Sumitomo Corp of Japan under the jointly owned subsidiary Roca Honda Resources LLC (“RHR”). In October 2009, RHR submitted its Roca mine permit application. A mine permit decision is expected in 2013. In February 2012, Strathmore optioned its Gas Hills uranium development project to Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO). KEPCO can earn-in up to 40% of the Gas Hills by incurring expenditures of US $32 million over three years beginning in 2013. Strathmore expects to submit its Gas Hills mine permit application this year.

In February, KEPCO completed a US $8 million common share private placement at a price of C$0.55 per share. In May, Strathmore acquired Saratoga Gold Company Ltd and its “Copper King” gold-copper project in Wyoming. KEPCO is Strathmore’s largest shareholder with an 11.8% equity stake. – See more at:

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Ranked: Electric Vehicle Sales by Model in 2023

Today, electric vehicle sales make up 18% of global vehicle sales. Here are the leading models by sales as of August 2023.



The Highest Electric Vehicle Sales, by Model

Ranked: Electric Vehicle Sales by Model in 2023

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are gaining momentum, reaching 18% of global vehicle sales in 2023.

As new competitors bring more affordable options and new performance features, the market continues to mature as customers increasingly look to electric options.

This graphic ranks the top-selling EVs worldwide as of August 2023, based on data from CleanTechnica.

The Best Selling EVs in 2023 (Through August)

Below, we show the world’s best selling fully electric vehicles from January to August 2023:

ModelCountryVehicles Sold
(Jan-Aug 2023)
Tesla Model Y🇺🇸 U.S.772,364
Tesla Model 3🇺🇸 U.S.364,403
BYD Atto 3 / Yuan Plus🇨🇳 China265,688
BYD Dolphin🇨🇳 China222,825
GAC Aion S🇨🇳 China160,693
Wuling HongGuang Mini EV🇨🇳 China153,399
GAC Aion Y🇨🇳 China136,619
VW ID.4🇩🇪 Germany120,154
BYD Seagull🇨🇳 China95,202

As we can see, Tesla‘s Model Y still holds a comfortable lead over the competition with 772,364 units sold. That’s more than double the sales of the #2 top selling vehicle, Tesla’s Model 3 (364,403)

But it’s hard to ignore the rising prevalence of Chinese EVs. The next five best selling EV vehicles are Chinese, including three from BYD. The automaker’s Atto 3 (or Yuan Plus, depending on market), is being sold in various countries including Germany, the UK, Japan, and India.

Meanwhile, Chinese automaker GAC Group also had two models of its Aion EV brand make the rankings, with the Aion S selling 160,693 units so far.

Regional market strength is also clear. For Volkswagen’s ID.4 model (120,154 units sold), Europe and China account for the majority of sales.

Given growing cost efficiencies and changing consumer behavior, global EV sales are projected to make up half of new car sales globally by 2035, according to forecasts from Goldman Sachs.

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