[Interactive] Riding the Nasdaq Roller Coaster

Interactive: Riding the Nasdaq Roller Coaster

[Interactive] Riding the Nasdaq Roller Coaster

Investors know that there is nothing like a good old-fashioned stock bubble to provide the ride of a lifetime.

Fifteen years after the dotcom bust, the Nasdaq Composite has passed all-time highs again. The WSJ has put together a fantastic interactive 3D roller coaster ride that goes through the highs and lows of the index until today.

The interactive visualization literally puts you in a chair as it gets lifted up the very first hill (The dotcom bubble), as market news flashes by on the side. It allows you full control to start and stop, and to enjoy the ride.

Start Nasdaq ride

The timing of this interactive ride is impeccable. As the Financial Times points out, not only is the Nasdaq setting records in terms of overall value, but it is also closing in on being worth more than the broad eurozone market in dollar terms. This is in the context of zero-rates, dwindling economic data out of the United States, QE in Europe, continuous strife in the Middle East, and a Grexit scenario potentially unfolding before our eyes.

The real question is: how long until we fall off the next roller coaster drop?

Until then, enjoy the ride.


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