The Eccentric Habits of Tech Geniuses

The Eccentric Habits of Tech Geniuses

The Eccentric Habits of Tech Geniuses

The visionaries that innovate and build our technological world have a certain eccentricity that gets preserved over time. Unlike the CEOs of blue chip companies that have an almost institutional and stoic history, many of these founders do not have to go through the extensive corporate gauntlet where every personal idiosyncrasy is lost along the way.

Their uniqueness is embraced and sometimes vilified, but it usually sticks around. We’ve looked before at 26 Surprising Facts About Google and also 37 Surprising Facts About Apple, where the impact of the founders and their unique personality traits became embedded in the company culture.

Today’s infographic goes into some of the more unusual rituals taken by successful tech entrepreneurs and inventors. Probably the strangest is from Yoshiro Nakamatsu, at least partly responsible for the floppy disk, who relaxes in a 24k gold-tiled “calm room” that prevents radio and television waves from entering.

Shigeru Miyamoto is another Japanese tech genius who designed some of the most legendary video games on the Nintendo platform. Shigeru carries around measuring tape with him, so that he can use it to validate his guesses on the lengths of objects. This is totally a normal thing to do.

Original graphic from: WhoIsHostingThis


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