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What are the World’s Most Populated Islands?



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A chart ranking the 25 most populated islands on Earth, along with their area to scale.

What are the World’s Most Populated Islands?

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The word “island” tends to bring up images of remote paradise—a brisk sea breeze, waving palms, and inviting beaches, all ingredients for an idyllic life.

However, they can also be hubs for human activity, home to 730 million people, or about 9% of the world’s population.

This chart, by creator Perrin Remonté, ranks the 25 most populated islands in the world, colored by their population density patterns, along with an overview of their size relative to each other. Data for this graphic comes from a variety of sources listed at the end of this article.

Ranked: Top 25 Islands by Population

At the top of the list sits Java, Indonesia’s most populous island and the most populous island on Earth. Over 150 million residents inhabit the 130,000 km² landmass, resulting in a density of nearly 1,200 people/km².

Its capital, Jakarta—also the capital of Indonesia—is a vibrant metropolis teeming with skyscrapers, bustling streets, and a rich tapestry of traditions.

Even historically, the island has been the political and economic center of the region: the seat of empires and also the heart of the Indonesian independence movement.

RankIslandPopulationAreaAverage Density
1🇮🇩 Java, Indonesia153M130K km21,177/km2
2🇯🇵 Honshu, Japan103M228K km2452/km2
3🇬🇧 Great Britain, UK67M209K km2321/km2
4🇵🇭 Luzon, Philippines64M105K km2480/km2
5🇮🇩 Sumatra, Indonesia59M443K km2133/km2
6🇲🇬 Madagascar30M592K km251/km2
7🇵🇭 Mindanao,
27M95K km2284/km2
8🇹🇼 Taiwan24M36K km2666/km2
9🇮🇳 Salsette, India
24M619 km238,772/km2
10🇮🇩 🇲🇾 🇧🇳 Borneo,
Indonesia, Malaysia,
24M751K km232/km2
11🇭🇹🇩🇴 Hispaniola,
Haiti & Dominican
22M76K km2289/km2
12🇱🇰 Sri Lanka22M66K km2333/km2
13🇮🇩 Sulawesi, Indonesia20M181K km2110/km2
14🇮🇩🇵🇬 New Guinea,
Indonesia & Papua
New Guinea
15M821K km218/km2
15🇯🇵 Kyushu, Japan12M37K km2324/km2
16🇨🇺 Cuba11M105K km2105/km2
17🇨🇳 Hainan, China10M34K km2294/km2
18🇺🇸 Long Island, U.S.8M4K km22,000/km2
19🇮🇪 🇬🇧 Ireland,
Ireland & UK
7M84K km283/km2
20🇸🇬 Singapore Island,
6M704 km28,523/km2
21🇯🇵 Hokkaido, Japan5M78K km264/km2
22🇮🇹 Sicily, Italy5M26K km2192/km2
23🇵🇭 Negros, Philippines5M13K km2385/km2
24🇵🇭 Panay, Philippines5M12K km2417/km2
25🇮🇩 Bali, Indonesia4M6K km2667/km2

Note: Numbers are rounded. Area source: Encyclopaedia Britannica. Population source: See bottom of the article.

Meanwhile, Japan’s Honshu Island ranks second, home to approximately 103 million people. Honshu is the largest and most populous island in Japan, housing iconic cities like Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo—the country’s capital, the world’s largest urban area, and one of the three biggest financial centers in Asia.

At third place, Great Britain, the largest of the British Isles, boasts of around 67 million residents, of which England alone accounts for 83% of the population.

Back in Southeast Asia, the island of Luzon, with 64 million people, is home to more than half of the Philippines’ total population.

Coming back to Indonesia, parts of Sumatra, population 59 million, are more along the lines of a postcard picture, from the lush rainforests of Bukit Lawang to the pristine shores of Lake Toba.

In total, Indonesia has six islands on this graphic, with tourist favorite Bali—consistently one of the most popular places to visit—coming in at the 25th spot.

Missing from this list is Australia, home to nearly 30 million people, which would make the top five on this list, were it not for the continent-island debate.

Most Densely Populated Islands

For Salsette Island (ranked 9th by population)—administratively known as Greater Mumbai —magnification is required as it appears as a dot on the scale for the other most populated islands in the world.

Consequently it’s one of the most densely populated islands in the world; at more than 30,000 people/km².

Singapore (ranked 20th), is similarly dense, though not quite at the scale as Mumbai: 8,500 people/km².

Other extremely populated and dense islands in the world include: Manhattan, Haizhu, Guangzhou, and Lagos Island, but none with the total population close to Singapore or Mumbai.

Where Does This Data Come From?

Population sources:

Creator Note: For Great Britain and the Indonesian islands, the population figures are reverse engineered from the total population of the country and the percentage share of each island, available on Statista.

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What Do Americans Find Unacceptable on Airplanes?

Letting kids play in the aisle or getting drunk top the list.



Bar chart showing the worst things you can do on a plane.

What Do Americans Find Unacceptable on Airplanes?

This was originally posted on our Voronoi app. Download the app for free on iOS or Android and discover incredible data-driven charts from a variety of trusted sources.

Flight etiquette has become a big topic as more and more people travel and as legroom and luggage space seem to be shrinking.

In this graphic, we bring the results of a survey that asked Americans about airplane behaviors they consider acceptable or unacceptable.

Methodology: The poll was conducted online from May 23 to 26, 2024, among 1,152 U.S. adult citizens. Respondents were selected from YouGov’s opt-in panel using sample matching. A random sample (stratified by gender, age, race, education, geographic region, and voter registration) was selected based on the 2019 American Community Survey. The margin of error for the overall sample is approximately 4%.

A Review of Flight Manners

More than 80% of Americans agree that it’s unacceptable for passengers to let their children play in the aisle or for other passengers to get drunk on the plane.

Meanwhile, 66% consider it unacceptable for passengers not to pay attention during the safety demonstration, but 20% consider it okay.

BehaviorAcceptable (%)Unacceptable (%)Not Sure (%)
Let their kids play in the aisle5869
Get drunk9828
Leave their seat during turbulence78211
Watch a movie without headphones11819
Leave trash in the seatback pocket11799
Use both armrests when someone is sitting next to them117415
Eat strong-smelling food146817
Not pay attention during the safety demonstration206615
Exit the plane before people in the rows in front of them146521
Not set their devices to airplane mode166419

Leaving the seat during turbulence is not only dangerous but is considered a no-no for the majority (82%) of passengers. If you want to watch a movie, make sure you have your headphones to avoid complaints, as 81% of people say it’s unacceptable to listen out loud.

Acceptable Behaviors

Finally, here are some of the less contentious behaviors according to the poll results.

The majority of respondents (51%) consider it acceptable to ask to switch seats with another passenger. Meanwhile, if you are one of those who likes to make friends, chatting with a stranger next to you for the entire flight is generally acceptable (46%).

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