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Important note: We are now SOLD OUT of our first run of books.

We just finished printing our first run of books, and they have unexpectedly sold out! If you’d like to reserve a future copy on the next print run, use the below pre-order form – we thank you in advance for your patience.

Books from the next run will be printed and shipped in mid-summer 2018.

Pre-Order Form

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In late 2017, we had the idea for a groundbreaking book called “Visualizing Change”.

Using hundreds of pages of our best infographics, charts, and visualizations, we wanted to connect big ideas around one universal theme: what are the fundamental forces shaping the business and investing world?

To fund the idea, we ran a Kickstarter campaign and ultimately raised over $150,000 through that as well as other website pre-orders. Today, the book is a reality.

Additional details

See the original Kickstarter campaign and the sneak preview we posted here.

  • A hard-cover, coffee table style book that will capture your imagination with top-notch graphics that tie the worlds of tech, business, and the global economy together
  • 200+ pages of visualizations, including from 30+ of our best infographics, charts, and data visualizations of all-time
  • Including 40 pages of never-before-seen content that we will make exclusively for this book!
  • Including 60 pages of commentary from our team, as well as other experts in their fields
  • Guest contributions from other prolific data visualization practitioners that are hand-picked by our team
  • All laid out in a 12″ wide, 9″ high landscape format with high-quality paper and ink, that will be easy to read and beautiful to explore

Contact us directly for any questions, special requests, or bulk orders.

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Contact us directly for any questions or special requests. Go here for bulk orders.

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