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With hundreds of pages of our best infographics, charts, and visualizations, “Visualizing Change” connects big ideas around one universal theme:

“What are the fundamental forces driving the future of business and investing?”

This hardcover, coffee-table style book unveils these game-changing trends in a unique, beautiful way.

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Powerful content, well-organized and sure to lead new insights about our world and the global forces which are driving change.

– Alex, via email

I’m just blown away by how good you guys are. I’ve rarely seen a group with a better, more informative approach.

– David, via email

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More About the Book

In late 2017, we had the idea for a groundbreaking book called “Visualizing Change”.

To fund the idea, we ran a Kickstarter campaign and ultimately raised over $150,000 through that as well as other website pre-orders. Today, the book is a reality.


  • A hard-cover, coffee table style book that will capture your imagination with top-notch graphics tying the worlds of tech, business, and the economy together
  • 256 pages of visualizations, including from our best infographics, charts, and data visualizations of all-time
  • Includes 40 pages of never-before-seen content that we made exclusively for this book
  • Eight chapters on subjects including: wealth, technology, demographic trends, the economy, energy, and more
  • Chapter maps that explain how the ideas are connected together in each chapter
  • Guest contributions from other prolific data visualization practitioners that were hand-picked by our team

Definitely a MUST HAVE book if you’re an economy, numbers, and statistics lover.

– Ignacio, via Kickstarter

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