Remarkable Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Remarkable Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Remarkable Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering

It is the incredible science that is behind our technology that makes future business and investing success possible. Today’s infographic looks at some of the remarkable advances in electrical and computer engineering.

Nanotube transistors are expected to replace the current generation of silicon-based transistors. They are smaller in size and are only nanometers long, yet they offer higher processing speeds and lower power consumption.

Meanwhile nanodevices are between the size of glucose particles and antibodies. Yet, they have the ability to lead to widespread improvements in biotechnology and DNA sequencing.

Electric cars are no longer in the domain of having restricted battery life. Tesla, as an example, is building a $5 billion gigafactory to bring down the cost of these longer-life batteries and kickstart the electric revolution. They are not alone, as many other battery manufacturers move towards scale, with lithium-ion production to triple by around 2020.

Quantum computing has also debuted, although it is under some scrutiny. The price of these computers is unconfirmed, but it is estimated that they are around $10 million, and customers such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Google have bought them so far.

3d printing is also changing the way manufacturers do business. Specialized parts, such as NASA’s injectors, usually cost $10k and take six months to build. 3D printing can do it in three weeks for half the cost.

Original graphic by: Ohio University


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