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Introducing Voronoi: Waitlist Now Open!



At Visual Capitalist we’re on a mission to ‘make the world’s information more accessible’ and our new app, Voronoi, is the next step on that journey.

We’re excited to announce that Voronoi is launching soon and we’re opening up the waitlist for people to get priority access.

Voronoi is the new app from Visual Capitalist. Launching soon.

On Voronoi you’ll see work from Visual Capitalist published first, along with visualizations from the world’s best data storytellers. Covering not just business, tech and finance, but every topic you’re interested in. 

Sign up to the waitlist now to be one of the first to use it.

You’ll also get the chance to claim your perfect username before someone else takes it!

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What’s Different About Voronoi?

Voronoi is the place where the world’s most curious people make, discover, and share data-driven stories that explain the world. A platform that’s purpose-built for data visualizations and the exceptional creators that produce them. 

You’re able to create custom feeds of the topics you like, see the data source and file for every visual and engage with a community of like-minded people.


Why Is It Called Voronoi?

Voronoi (pronounced vo-roh-noy) is a type of data visualization named after a Ukrainian mathematician and one that we’ve adapted at Visual Capitalist to make some of our most successful visuals like ‘The World’s Population at 8 Billion‘ or  ‘Visualizing the $105 Trillion World Economy in One Chart‘. It’s a tribute to the science and art of data storytelling.


When Will Voronoi Launch?

We’re busy testing the app now as part of our ‘beta’ phase. We anticipate that Voronoi will be available on both iOS and Android this November 2023. Those on the waitlist will be the first to hear when we launch.

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VC+: Get Our Key Takeaways From the IMF’s World Economic Outlook

A sneak preview of the exclusive VC+ Special Dispatch—your shortcut to understanding IMF’s World Economic Outlook report.




VC+ Special Dispatch - Your shortcut to understanding IMF's World Economic Outlook

Have you read IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook yet? At a daunting 202 pages, we don’t blame you if it’s still on your to-do list.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to read the whole April release, because we’ve already done the hard work for you.

VC+ IMF Special Dispatch

To save you time and effort, the Visual Capitalist team has compiled a visual analysis of everything you need to know from the report—and our upcoming VC+ Special Dispatch will be available exclusively to VC+ members on Thursday, April 25th.

If you’re not already subscribed to VC+, make sure you sign up now to receive the full analysis of the IMF report, and more (we release similar deep dives every week).

For now, here’s what VC+ members can expect to receive.

Your Shortcut to Understanding IMF’s World Economic Outlook

With long and short-term growth prospects declining for many countries around the world, this Special Dispatch offers a visual analysis of the key figures and takeaways from the IMF’s report including:

  • The global decline in economic growth forecasts
  • Real GDP growth and inflation forecasts for major nations in 2024
  • When interest rate cuts will happen and interest rate forecasts
  • How debt-to-GDP ratios have changed since 2000
  • And much more!

Preview images of Visual Capitalist's breakdown of the IMF World Outlook report

Get the Full Breakdown in the Next VC+ Special Dispatch

VC+ members will receive the full Special Dispatch on Thursday, April 25th.

Make sure you join VC+ now to receive exclusive charts and the full analysis of key takeaways from IMF’s World Economic Outlook.

Don’t miss out. Become a VC+ member today.

What You Get When You Become a VC+ Member

VC+ is Visual Capitalist’s premium subscription. As a member, you’ll get the following:

  • Special Dispatches: Deep dive visual briefings on crucial reports and global trends
  • Markets This Month: A snappy summary of the state of the markets and what to look out for
  • The Trendline: Weekly curation of the best visualizations from across the globe
  • Global Forecast Series: Our flagship annual report that covers everything you need to know related to the economy, markets, geopolitics, and the latest tech trends
  • VC+ Archive: Hundreds of previously released VC+ briefings and reports that you’ve been missing out on, all in one dedicated hub

You can get all of the above, and more, by joining VC+ today.

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