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Breaking Down 21 Apple Product Flops from 1980 – 2014



Breaking Down 21 Apple Product Flops from 1980 - 2014

Breaking Down 21 Apple Product Flops from 1980 – 2014

“Fail fast, fail often” is a common mantra that has circulated around Silicon Valley for years. However, there has been an outrage about its validity lately, especially as full-fledged funeral services mourn the remnants of startups past.

Despite this ongoing debate, Apple serves as an example of a company that has taken big product risks with their fair share of failure. At the same time, the company has had many runaway successes that have changed the world as we know it, helping the company’s market capitalization soar towards the coveted $1 trillion mark.

This culture of innovation comes with many quirks. Many of these product fails are ahead of their time such as Newton PDAs (1987), Macintosh TV (1993), and eWorld (1994). That said, many of these were also downright ridiculous. The “Hockey Puck” mouse (1998) serves as the best example of this: a perfectly circular, short, and clumsy mouse that would often do the opposite movement that a user wanted from the cursor.

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Visualizing Microsoft’s Revenue, by Product Line

This graphic breaks down Microsoft’s revenue by segment—from cloud office software to AI search engine capabilities in 2023.



Visualizing Microsoft’s Revenue, by Product Line

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Over the last decade, Microsoft’s revenue has more than doubled, driven by key product lines like its intelligent cloud infrastructure.

Adding to this, Microsoft launched its AI-enabled search engine, Copilot last year, which has already generated $12 billion for the company. Beyond this search engine, Microsoft is developing a range of AI-based services, such as Azure Arc, a cloud computing platform with 18,000 customers.

This graphic breaks down Microsoft’s revenue in 2023, based on data from Affinity powered by Syntax.

Microsoft’s Most Lucrative Business Segments

In 2023, Microsoft revenues soared to a record $211 billion as demand for AI services accelerated.

As one of the world’s largest companies by market cap, Microsoft reached a $2.8 trillion valuation as investors flocked to big tech and AI-related stocks last year. Amid strong growth, here’s how much revenue was generated from Microsoft’s product lines in 2023:

Product LIneFY2023 Revenue Share of Revenue
Cloud Computing Services$80B38%
Cloud Office Suite Software$49B23%
Operating Systems$22B10%
Gaming Consoles$15B7%
Employment Listing Platform$15B7%
AI-Enabled Search Engine$12B6%
Total Revenue$211B100%

Comprising 38% of total revenues in 2023, Microsoft’s cloud computing services segment earns more than any other by a long shot.

These intelligent cloud services provide the servers, storage, and data centers that enable businesses to run websites and other computing services without the need for buying individual hardware and software.

The second-highest revenue driver was cloud office suite software, with sales of Microsoft 365 bringing in $49 billion in revenue.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s gaming consoles segment pulled in $15 billion in one of its best years ever. In 2023, the company acquired Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion, known for World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. It was the company’s biggest acquisition in its history.

Falling after gaming revenues is Copilot, its AI-enabled search engine, making up 6% of 2023 revenues. This productivity tool can be embedded into Microsoft 365, allowing companies to use natural language prompts to gain data on their company, summarize insights from meetings, and a host of other functions.

As AI-related services continue to gain momentum, it remains to be seen whether Microsft’s revenue will continue to see strong growth. So far, investor optimism has remained elevated.

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