The Best and Brightest CEOs in Mining

CEO's in Mining

The Best and Brightest CEOs in Mining

Working in the mining industry is tough, and being at the top is even harder. CEOs in mining have their work cut out for them. Environmentalists lobbying against them, cyclical downturns, the extremely risky nature of the business, and more are all the thorns in the side of a typical mining CEO.

It’s not all bad being at the top. As the infographic suggests, the CEOs are compensated handsomely, some even making eight digits. It’s worth noting that the majority of the big earners’ income is derived from stock options and other financial incentives.

Unfortunately, there is a major gender gap in the industry. Only two of the 125 CEOs are women. The typical CEO is in his mid fifties, has a science degree and was previously in a management role.


Original infographic from: Mine Staffing International 


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