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Ranked: Artificial Intelligence Startups, by Country



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Ranked: Artificial Intelligence Startups, by Country

From DALL-E’s ability to help artists bring their vision to life, to automating the power requirements of a major metropolis, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to radically transform many aspects of the society we live in today.

But this potential would go unrealized without the driving force of AI startups all over the globe.

In this graphic, the first in the three-part Digital Evolution series sponsored by Global X ETFs, we delve into the dynamic landscape of AI investing and explore which countries are winning the race when it comes to number of startups with private investment of over $1.5 million.

The AI Race

The United States and China remain at the forefront of AI investment, with the former leading overall since 2013 with nearly $250 billion invested in 4,643 companies cumulatively. 

But these investment trends continue to grow. In 2022 alone, 524 AI startups were founded in the U.S., attracting $47 billion in non-government funding. Meanwhile, China boasted the highest average corporate investment in 2022, with its 160 newly-founded AI startups receiving $71 million each on average.

Here are the top 10 countries winning the AI investment race using data from the AI Index 2023 Annual Report:

CountryNumber of AI Startups (2013-2022)Private Investment (2013-2022)
#1 United States 🇺🇸4643$249B
#2 China 🇨🇳1337$95B
#3 United Kingdom 🇬🇧630$18B
#4 Israel 🇮🇱402$11B
#5 Canada 🇨🇦341$9B
#6 France 🇫🇷338$7B
#7 India 🇮🇳296$8B
#8 Japan 🇯🇵294$4B
#9 Germany 🇩🇪245$7B
#10 Singapore 🇸🇬165$5B

Investment Across Industries

Artificial intelligence investment was spread across a variety of global sectors in 2022:


With its myriad of applications, the healthcare sector led the way in 2022’s AI investment journey, attracting $6.1 billion globally. 

Data Management, Processing, and the Cloud

Data management, processing, and cloud services received $5.9 billion in investment. These AI-powered solutions optimize operations and can parse vast amounts of data.


AI’s potential to analyze extensive financial datasets, detect patterns, and automate processes has made it an attractive investment opportunity. Consequently, over $5.5 billion was invested in AI fintech in 2022. 

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

The cybersecurity and data protection sector attracted $5.4 billion in investment, underscoring AI’s crucial role in enhancing security measures and mitigating risk.


AI supporting the retail sector also had a massive $4.2 billion investment in 2022. Generative AI is particularly powerful in retail marketing and customer support.

Investing in AI Today

By strategically allocating funds to AI-focused sectors, investors have the opportunity to support AI advancements and the adoption of AI technologies across various industries.

However, the volume of money involved in AI investing is simply the catalyst for its evolution. In part two of the Digital Evolution series, we’ll delve into AI’s corporate adoption and explore how the global workforce uses AI technology.  

With AIQ by Global X ETFs, investors can participate in this dynamic market and harness the potential of AI-driven growth.

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