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The Process For Printing US Currency



The Process For Printing US Currency

The Process For Printing US Currency

Recently, a story surfaced about counterfeiting US currency that would be good enough for Hollywood. The Secret Service brought down a ring of counterfeiters who produced at least $77 million worth of fake American green!

The gang consisted of thirteen Israelis and Americans who operated a money-printing factory out of a New Jersey warehouse. The Secret Service had been chasing this group for years and even watched it import a printing press via a semi truck to their facility.

The sophistication and end product of counterfeiters varies. The spectrum ranges from the curious individual trying to reproduce cash on their home scanner, to North Korea creating sophisticated counterfeits.

Interestingly, it turns out it costs even the Fed almost 13 cents to print out each $100 bill. That probably would mean that renting the copters would be the most expensive part of Helicopter Ben’s operation.

Original infographic from: Ink Technologies

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