Pre-Order “Visualizing Change”

We’re excited to announce that our Kickstarter campaign for the book “Visualizing Change” was successful, with 950 backers and US$100,000 raised.

If you missed out on the chance to back our campaign, it’s still possible to pre-order your copy of the book below. Every additional pre-order we get gives us a little more leeway to ensure the best possible quality and world-class production!

Important note: we finally just finished building the book, and the printer expects it to ship by late April 2018.


Contact us directly for any questions, special requests, or bulk orders.

Additional details:

See the original Kickstarter campaign and the sneak preview we posted here.

For Visualizing Change”, we aim to take hundreds of pages of our best infographics, charts, and visualizations, and connect them with one universal theme: what are the fundamental forces shaping the business and investing world?

Here are the book specs:

  • A hard-cover, coffee table style book that will capture your imagination with top-notch graphics that tie the worlds of tech, business, and the global economy together
  • 200+ pages of visualizations, including from 30+ of our best infographics, charts, and data visualizations of all-time
  • Including 40 pages of never-before-seen content that we will make exclusively for this book!
  • Including 60 pages of commentary from our team, as well as other experts in their fields
  • Guest contributions from other prolific data visualization practitioners that are hand-picked by our team
  • All laid out in a 12″ wide, 9″ high landscape format with high-quality paper and ink, that will be easy to read and beautiful to explore

Additional Mockups

During our campaign, we created a few mockups of what the book could look like:

Contact us directly for any questions, special requests, or bulk orders.

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