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15 Greatest Gold Heists of All Time

The 15 Greatest Gold Heists in All Time

The 15 Greatest Gold Heists of All Time

Gold is valuable and extremely rare, and therefore the yellow metal is usually protected at all costs. However, there have been multiple occurrences in history where evildoers have breached security measures and bullion has fallen into the wrong hands.

Today we count down the stories of everyday henchmen, terrorist groups, and nation states that have all stolen large swaths of gold loot. This includes notable worldwide events such as the Spaniards’ metal extraction from the New World, famous and recent ISIS raids on banks in the Middle East, and two significant transfers of wealth in WWII that occurred through the use of force.

It’s times like these when we are reminded how important it is to have proper security measures in place for our own personal wealth. For a good primer, JMBullion goes through the basics here on securing precious metals.

Below is also a video version of the infographic detailing the greatest gold heists!


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  • http://JMBullion.com/ James Anderson

    Thanks Visual Capitalist for another great collaboration!

    NOTE: we decided to forgo historical gov’t gold nationalizations to focus on gold robberies without recompense.

  • Cem

    How about the gold CIA took from the phillipines after the Marcos regime was toppled to use it
    to bring down the USSR

  • Ken Griffith

    You forgot the Golden West gold mine scam. Well over $20 million.

  • John Liozeris

    I’m surprised that there was no mention of Iraq’s, Libya’s, or Ukraine’s gold being stolen.

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