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Will Space Internet Change the World?



Will Space Internet Change the World?


Will Space Internet Change the World?

In case you haven’t heard, there are some big hitters in the tech world (Google and Facebook) trying to provide free Internet access from space! Does anyone remember the days of AOL dial up?

For everyday folk, the immediate impact would be free Internet. But for investors, this may be an interesting opportunity to look into. According to Google, two thirds of the world’s population is without Internet access. If a project by Google or Facebook provided internet to rural areas and developing countries, demand for products that use wireless internet connection would likely skyrocket.

Hand held device manufacturers and companies that produce the necessary hardware to utilize the free Internet would see a demand boom. Companies like Cisco, Motorola, Nokia, etc. will benefit and their shareholders’ investment will too.

Also, the social and educational impact on developing countries would be huge. Online education may very likely be the way of the future. Major universities like University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business are offering almost entire degrees for free online. The potential macro and long-term impact on developing countries is enormous. Better educated populations will transform their nations to become more productive and in turn, will generate demand to consume more goods and services. Not a bad thing for investors.


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