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The Big Business of Consumer Drones



Big Business of Consumer Drones

The Big Business of Consumer Drones

Add consumer drones to the ever-growing list of technological revolutions set to make big bucks.

Due to the various new applications of drones in a wide range of industries, sales are flying sky high. As the infographic states, the drone market will be worth a whopping $140 billion by the end of the decade.

However, with this rapid expansion of drones, there is also controversy that follows. Just this past week, a Downtown Vancouver high-rise resident complained of a video equipped drone spying on him and other apartments. The man recorded the incident and reported it to the police, who according to him were not overly concerned. Drones have been becoming an issue for lawmakers lately as their prevalence is growing. New laws and regulations must be implemented quickly, as there are little or no laws that govern these machines.

Now, let’s move to the fun part, how you can make money off of drones. Here are the three best stock picks for the drone revolution, according to Market Watch. These companies are not just assembling drones, they’re heavily investing in the commercial application of drone technology.


Original infographic from: Jabil

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