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The Challenge of Accurate Dosing in THC and CBD Products

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The Challenge of Accurate Dosing in THC and CBD Products

The potential of cannabis-derived consumer products seems endless. From food to drink, to skincare and medicine, there are many versatile uses.

However, there’s a significant challenge still facing the industry: it’s tricky to measure the appropriate dosage of cannabis compounds like CBD and THC, for the desired effects to take place.

Barriers to Accurate Dosing

Today, the practice of accurately labeling cannabis dosages faces two main challenges:

  1. While the FDA will take action against products making misleading health claims, it doesn’t provide clear labeling guidance in general.
  2. Cannabis laws and regulations also vary from state to state, leading the potential of diminished quality control and mislabeling.

These two facts are exemplified in a recent study, which found that 70% of 84 CBD products sold online were mislabeled.

Why Accurate Dosing is Important

The cannabis industry is rapidly shifting to better suit the needs of the modern individual’s health and lifestyle, making accurate dosing more important than ever before.

That’s why companies like Xanthic Biopharma, who have embraced natural medicine, are committed to developing high quality cannabinoids that are properly labeled with accurate dosages, using patent-pending technology.

With quality testing and accurate dosing, cannabis compounds are on the verge of transforming human health and wellness.