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The Best Selling Vehicle in Every State



best selling vehicle by state

The Best Selling Vehicle in Every State (2022)

This map shows the best selling vehicle in every U.S. state for 2022, based on data from Edmunds.

The main takeaway from the visualization is that trucks and SUVs are the top selling vehicle in every state but one. See below for the data in tabular format.

StateBest selling vehicle
North DakotaChevrolet Silverado
MinnesotaChevrolet Silverado
WisconsinChevrolet Silverado
IowaChevrolet Silverado
NebraskaChevrolet Silverado
MissouriChevrolet Silverado
OklahomaChevrolet Silverado
New MexicoChevrolet Silverado
ArizonaChevrolet Silverado
IndianaChevrolet Silverado
OhioChevrolet Silverado
KentuckyChevrolet Silverado
West VirginiaChevrolet Silverado
AlabamaChevrolet Silverado
DelawareChevrolet Silverado
South CarolinaChevrolet Silverado
MontanaFord F-Series
IdahoFord F-Series
UtahFord F-Series
ColoradoFord F-Series
South DakotaFord F-Series
KansasFord F-Series
TexasFord F-Series
LouisianaFord F-Series
MississippiFord F-Series
TennesseeFord F-Series
GeorgiaFord F-Series
MichiganFord F-Series
VermontFord F-Series
MaineFord F-Series
WashingtonToyota RAV4
OregonToyota RAV4
IllinoisToyota RAV4
New YorkToyota RAV4
PennsylvaniaToyota RAV4
VirginiaToyota RAV4
North CarolinaToyota RAV4
MarylandToyota RAV4
ConnecticutToyota RAV4
Rhode IslandToyota RAV4
MassachusettsToyota RAV4
DCToyota RAV4
New HampshireToyota RAV4
New JerseyHonda CR-V
ArkansasGMC Sierra
HawaiiToyota Tacoma
CaliforniaTesla Model Y
FloridaToyota Corolla

From this list, we can see that the only state where a sedan is the best selling vehicle is Florida. This is unsurprising, given that sedan popularity has been waning in the U.S. for quite some time. This is due to various factors, including shifting consumer preferences and the improved fuel efficiency of trucks and SUVs.

EVs Gain a Foothold

Another interesting story from this map can be found in California, which is the first and only state where an EV, specifically the Tesla Model Y, is the best selling vehicle.

California leads the nation in terms of EV adoption, and coincidentally also has the largest number of Tesla charging stations at 366 (As of July 2023). The next two states in terms of Tesla charging stations are Florida (136) and Texas (128).

Other states that could soon see an EV become their best selling vehicle include Washington and DC. In both these jurisdictions, the Model Y is currently the second most popular vehicle.

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The 10 Best-Selling Vehicles in America in 2023

In 2023, nine of the top 10 best-selling vehicles in America were trucks or SUVs. This graphic shows the most popular vehicles overall.



This graphic shows the best selling vehicles in America in 2023.

The Best-Selling Vehicles in America in 2023

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In a banner year, U.S. automakers sold 15.5 million cars in 2023, driven by pent-up demand. Overall, sales jumped 12.4%, with many car manufacturers seeing double-digit sales increases.

Higher dealership inventory and moderating car prices were two reasons for this growth, helping make up for a tough 2022 which was the worst year in a decade due to supply chain disruptions and production snags.

This graphic shows the best-selling vehicles in America in 2023, with data from Motor1.

Trucks and SUVs See Highest Sales

As the table below shows, nine out of America’s top 10 selling cars were trucks or SUVS:

RankBrandModelSales (Units)
3RAMRAM Pickup444,926
5TeslaModel Y*403,897
10JeepGrand Cherokee244,594
13TeslaModel 3*213,000

*Tesla does not break out sales by region. Figures are based on estimates by

The Ford F-Series maintained its spot as the best-selling vehicle in America for over four decades straight.

Of the two million cars that Ford sold last year, nearly 40% were of the F-Series. While the automaker has cut back electric vehicle (EV) plans for 2024, sales of EV models increased 18% over the year. Meanwhile, hybrid sales climbed 25%, with 133,743 hybrid models sold.

The Chevrolet Silverado fell next in line—the full-size pickup truck has been a long-standing number two seller to the F-Series. In 2023, the most affordable model had a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $38,195 while the least expensive Ford F-150’s MSRP was $34,445. Overall, sales of the Silverado grew by 6.1% annually.

Coming in fifth was Tesla’s Model Y. In efforts to reach sales targets, Tesla cut prices on the Model Y SUV amid competition from Ford and BYD, a leading Chinese EV company. While the company doesn’t report regional figures, estimates U.S. sales to be 403,897.

Surprisingly, the only sedan in the top 10 is the Toyota Camry. The cheaper Corolla ranked 12th, with 232,370 units sold.

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