World of Wealth: The Top Cities for Millionaires

World of Wealth: The Top Cities for Millionaires

Millionaire density by city

World of Wealth: The Top Cities for Millionaires

Previously, we featured this post on the world’s millionaires, which covers millionaire density and the top cities as well. However, today’s infographic has some information that is particularly interesting, which can be found in the “Ultra High Net Worths by Country” section.

This breaks down the demographics of the rich by looking at age, gender, net worth, political involvement, charitable foundations, and whether they are self-made or have inherited their money. Hong Kong and Germany have the highest degree of millionaires that are female, and Russia and China have the youngest average millionaire age. More than one half of American millionaires are politically involved, while only 2% of Germany’s wealthy are involved in politics.

Graphic from: Raconteur


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