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Wheels of the Future



Wheels of the Future

Wheels of the Future

Peter Thiel’s motto for his Founders Fund is “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.”

We’re still not very close to the flying cars, but at least some of the technological improvements in the vehicle manufacturing world will make our wheels of the future safer, connected, and leveraging the analytics of big data. These new technological features can currently be found in some of the more luxurious brands, but as sensors and technology gets cheaper it will eventually make its way down to the Toyota Corollas of the world.

The above infographic covers four areas where manufacturers are experimenting with new tech in current available vehicles: big data, infotainment, safety, and remote maintenance.

With hundreds of thousands of cars recording speed, cumulative mileage, longitude, latitude, date, time, acceleration, deceleration, and fuel consumption, there will be terabytes of new data to leverage which may lead to new insights on driver habits. By 2025, big data is expected to be worth $122 billion in the automotive industry.

When surveyed, 73% of consumers felt safety and diagnostics features were the most important. This is why many new technological features are oriented towards these fields: radar warning systems, laser headlights, cameras, automatic software upgrades for diagnostics, and remote detection and notification systems for possible faults.

Original graphic from: Symphony Teleca

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