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What’s New on VC+ in May 2020?



If you’re a regular visitor to Visual Capitalist, you know that we’re your home base for data-driven, visual storytelling that helps explain a complex world.

But did you know there’s a way to get even more out of Visual Capitalist, all while helping support the work we do?

New to VC+ in May 2020

VC+ is our members program that gives you exclusive access to extra visual content and insightful special features. It also gets you access to The Trendline, our new members-only graphic newsletter.

So, what is getting sent to VC+ members in the coming weeks?

“Our Best Infographics on Wealth”

SPECIAL DISPATCH: A round up of the best performing wealth infographics on our site

Where does the world’s wealth lie?

We take a big-picture view of the world’s wealthiest countries, and also zero in on the richest people. In this VC+ special dispatch, our editors curate our best infographics to explain how some billionaires amassed their fortunes, and how economic wealth is expected to shift in the future.

Publishing date: May 12 (Get VC+ to access)

Introducing VC 360: A Critical Analysis

SPECIAL DISPATCH: Every month we will take a graphic that has caught our eye and put a VC spin on it; uncovering our unique design and editorial process

VC 360 is a brand new VC+ monthly feature, which will give our members an exclusive look at how our team approaches different charts, graphs, and other visuals. 

In each feature, we will select an interesting graphic from another media outlet or report and highlight how we, as a team, would have approached that topic, talking you through our techniques and modifications.

Publishing date: May 20 (Get VC+ to access)

Behind the Scenes with our New Book: Part 2

SPECIAL DISPATCH: A detailed look at one of the ‘signals’ that will be featured in the book

When most books are published, you are only privy to the final result.

However, we’re taking VC+ members to see what happens behind the scenes.

Last month, we showed members some of the early decisions we had to make on the book. In this month’s edition, VC+ members will get a first look at one of our first confirmed chapters for the book. In addition, we’ll uncover why we chose particular data to represent that ‘signal’, while showing you the process behind creating the visual dashboards that’ll be used in the book.

Publishing date: May 27 (Get VC+ to access)

The Trendline

PREMIUM NEWSLETTER: Our weekly members-only newsletter for VC+ members
The Trendline

Every week, VC+ members also get our premium graphic newsletter, The Trendline.

With The Trendline, we’ll send you the best visual content, datasets, and insightful reports relating to business that our editors find each week.

Publishing Date: Every Sunday

More Visuals. More Insight. More Understanding.

Get access to these upcoming features by becoming a VC+ member.

For a limited time, get 25% off, which makes your VC+ membership the same price as a coffee each month:

Get 25% Off VC+ Today

PS – We look forward to sending you even more great visuals and data!

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VC+: Get Our Key Takeaways From the IMF’s World Economic Outlook

A sneak preview of the exclusive VC+ Special Dispatch—your shortcut to understanding IMF’s World Economic Outlook report.




VC+ Special Dispatch - Your shortcut to understanding IMF's World Economic Outlook

Have you read IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook yet? At a daunting 202 pages, we don’t blame you if it’s still on your to-do list.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to read the whole April release, because we’ve already done the hard work for you.

VC+ IMF Special Dispatch

To save you time and effort, the Visual Capitalist team has compiled a visual analysis of everything you need to know from the report—and our VC+ Special Dispatch is available exclusively to VC+ members. All you need to do is log into the VC+ Archive.

If you’re not already subscribed to VC+, make sure you sign up now to access the full analysis of the IMF report, and more (we release similar deep dives every week).

For now, here’s what VC+ members get to see.

Your Shortcut to Understanding IMF’s World Economic Outlook

With long and short-term growth prospects declining for many countries around the world, this Special Dispatch offers a visual analysis of the key figures and takeaways from the IMF’s report including:

  • The global decline in economic growth forecasts
  • Real GDP growth and inflation forecasts for major nations in 2024
  • When interest rate cuts will happen and interest rate forecasts
  • How debt-to-GDP ratios have changed since 2000
  • And much more!

Preview images of Visual Capitalist's breakdown of the IMF World Outlook report

Get the Full Breakdown in the Next VC+ Special Dispatch

VC+ members can access the full Special Dispatch by logging into the VC+ Archive, where you can also check out previous releases.

Make sure you join VC+ now to see exclusive charts and the full analysis of key takeaways from IMF’s World Economic Outlook.

Don’t miss out. Become a VC+ member today.

What You Get When You Become a VC+ Member

VC+ is Visual Capitalist’s premium subscription. As a member, you’ll get the following:

  • Special Dispatches: Deep dive visual briefings on crucial reports and global trends
  • Markets This Month: A snappy summary of the state of the markets and what to look out for
  • The Trendline: Weekly curation of the best visualizations from across the globe
  • Global Forecast Series: Our flagship annual report that covers everything you need to know related to the economy, markets, geopolitics, and the latest tech trends
  • VC+ Archive: Hundreds of previously released VC+ briefings and reports that you’ve been missing out on, all in one dedicated hub

You can get all of the above, and more, by joining VC+ today.

Become a VC+ Member now
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