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For the last six months, our new Voronoi app has mostly been in the hands of people like you: the incredible supporters of Visual Capitalist.

But to achieve our vision of making the world’s data more discoverable for everyone, we need to take things further by getting Voronoi in front of a wider audience.

Next week on July 11th we are officially launching Voronoi on Product Hunt, the leading platform globally for tech product launches.

To stay updated and show your support, click the button below and select “Notify Me” on our Product Hunt pre-launch page. Your early support can make a huge difference!

Support Voronoi’s Launch

Support Voronoi on Product Hunt

What Happens When the Launch Goes Live?

When the Voronoi launch goes live on the Product Hunt platform, users will have the chance to download the app, ask questions, give feedback, and support the launch. Over the 24-hour period that the launch is live, our team members will be available in real-time to answer questions and respond to feedback.

We’ll also be supporting the launch in other ways, like doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit.

All in all, it’s an incredible opportunity to get the product in the hands of smart people that can help us make it better. By supporting us pre-launch, you’ll be notified of the launch and all progress during the course of the day!

Download Voronoi today for free!

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