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Relevance: Content must be relevant to investors and business people. We aim to create and curate content that investors want to view and share each day. Content should be related to investing, business, high-growth industries, personal finance, or wealth.

Sourcing:  Content must adequately source its material from verifiable and quality sources.

Objectivity: Content should try to be objective as possible. We recognize that investors browse our site looking for new and interesting content relating to business and investing, so it is important to provide content that is focused on facts rather than slant and skew.

Data Driven: Content should be, where possible, data and facts driven.

Promotional Materials: We recognize that good content is not produced for free and that infographics may be sponsored to cover costs. However, this does not mean that content and data can be biased based on this sponsorship.  See point #3 on objectivity. Logos or mentions of sponsoring companies should generally be limited to details at the bottom of graphics except under special instances.

Timely: Content should be timely and relate to present opportunities or insight.

Big Picture: Content should be focused on big picture concepts, ideas, insight, or research. Very niche content that highlight very specific subjects that may not be of interest to our audience may not be considered.


Minimum width: 600px

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PNG preferred, JPG and GIF also accepted

Please ensure all copyright laws are respected

Please only submit your graphic once (barring significant content or design changes)

Visual Capitalist’s editorial panel has the final say on which graphics are featured on the site

Content on Visual Capitalist is heavily curated. We prefer elements of data visualization, visual storytelling, and illustration, as opposed to bullet points and paragraphs of text. Approved pieces may not appear on the site immediately.

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