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Signals: Bulk Book Orders

In the first week of November, our second book will officially be released:

“Signals: Charting the New Direction of the Global Economy”

This book uses brand new visual content to explore simple and clear takeaways on the global economic trends powering the next decade.

Visit our Kickstarter page to learn the full backstory of “Signals” and how it was funded by our wonderful backers.

Want to Buy in Bulk?

Holiday Cutoff

Place your order before November 9, 2020 to guarantee delivery.

Bulk Order Features:

  • Custom book jackets
  • Incorporate your company's logo and colors
  • Folded panels keep cover secure and protect hardcover from damage
  • Inside front cover panel includes personalized note and company logo
  • Bulk pricing

Have specific needs?

We accept bulk orders from anyone, whether you’re a buyer for a large organization, or you just want to give some away to clients, friends or the whole extended family.

If there’s a specific number of books that you would like to request, please contact us directly with the form below: