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Explore the untapped potential of the material world




Explore the untapped potential of the material world

VC Elements uses data-driven visuals to break down the building blocks of the universe

Visual Capitalist has today launched VC Elements, a new channel which bridges the gap between the global trends shaping our future, and the natural resources powering them.

Using data-driven visuals, the channel examines the following macro trends:

  • Markets: Central banking throughout the pandemic has resulted in a huge increase of asset bubbles, fueled by cheap money and low interest rates. What does this mean for precious metals?
  • Urbanization: As the world population grows, where will the next 3 billion people live, and what materials are required? 
  • Technology: What do rapid technological advances mean for raw material supplies?
  • Energy: How will the world’s energy mix shift as we transition away from fossil fuels?
  • Electrification: How does the electric vehicle revolution impact critical raw materials? 

Natural resources are the backbone of the economy and society. By examining these global trends, VC Elements aims to shine a light on the attractive investment opportunities surrounding this space.

By understanding the foundations of the rapidly evolving world, VC Elements helps recognize the real value of the resources powering this global transition.

Jeff Desjardins, Founder, Editor-in-chief and Author at Visual Capitalist, comments:

“As society changes, and greater demand is put on our natural resources, this opens up huge investment potential. VC Elements uncovers this untapped opportunity, and fills a void in existing media, by creating data-driven visuals that help understand the material world, from the ground up.

Visual Capitalist began as a company specializing in the natural resources space, so we are really excited to launch VC Elements which nods to our beginnings, while looking at the future of the material world.” 

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