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Since day one, our vision has been to make the world’s information more accessible.

While we always encourage sharing our content for free (with attribution), we frequently receive inquiries about customizing our graphics for commercial uses.

That’s why we’ve built Visual Capitalist Licensing—a dedicated platform which allows you to make our world-class graphics your own.

Interested in professionally licensing our content?

Here’s how Visual Capitalist Licensing can add value to your organization:

Creating data-driven visuals is our specialty.
White labeling our content means we do the hard work for you. Save time and money on hiring and overhead costs by using our world-class visualizations as your base.
Make our content your own.
Modify our visualizations, stylize to fit your branding, or even translate the copy.
Transparent data you can trust.
Choose from an ever-growing library of graphics — and download the source files (.ai, .eps, .pdf), vector assets, and data (.xls) in mere minutes.
An affordable credits system.
Do more with less. Credits have no expiry date.

How does it work?

What’s in the content library?

We’ve launched our content library with nearly 90 of our classic visualizations.

Starting today, we’ll be adding new visuals multiple times per week to give you access to our most topical and groundbreaking graphics, and the data that drives them.​

Below are some of the latest visualizations added to the content library, ready to be licensed, downloaded, and modified for use in stories, reports, or published articles.

Want to get started?

Simply purchase credits, then visit our ever-growing content library to enhance your next story.

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Visual Capitalist

Visual Capitalist Explores the Material World



VC Elements is a brand new channel brought to you by Visual Capitalist which uses data-driven visuals to bridge the gap between the global trends shaping our future and the raw materials powering them.

In particular, we’ll be unearthing the following trends: Markets, Energy, Technology, Urbanization, Electrification.

The channel will look at the untapped potential of the material world, specifically looking at:

We’ll shine a light on the investment opportunities surrounding this space.
Everything we own is either grown or mined. Raw materials are at the core of our day to day lives, but how many of us actually know where these everyday objects come from?
Natural resources are the backbone of the industrial economy, but the current rate of consumption is putting increased pressure on them.
The world will need to invest $240 billion over the next five years to meet growing metals demand alone. We will create educational content, examining the latest sustainable technologies, and the raw materials powering them.

What content can I expect?

Below are some of the pieces recently published on the channel covering topics including markets, technology, energy and urbanization.

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