Police Have Killed 1,083 Americans in the Last Year

Police Have Killed 1,083 Americans in the Last Year

Police Have Killed 1,083 Americans in the Last Year

Typically speaking, here at Visual Capitalist we focus at making the world of business and investing easy-to-understand and intuitive for everyone. Although it is true that some topics we cover only tangentially relate to these areas, we still believe they can impact markets.

Today’s topic does not fit in any of these above categories, but it is too important to not post.

Exactly one year ago, an 18-year old black man was fatally shot in Ferguson, Missouri by a police officer. Michael Brown’s death ignited a country-wide debate about the excessive amount of violence that occurs at the hand of police – particularly to African-Americans.

Widespread protests, both peaceful and violent, spread through the nation and conversations about the use of force, race, and policing have been center stage over the last twelve months.

But, where has that got us?

This infographic, collected from VICE News, shows that over the last year there have been an average of three Americans per day killed by cops.

California has been at the forefront of police violence, with at least 176 deaths alone. Five cities in the United States have had more than ten deaths over this time period: New York, Houston, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

All but two states (Vermont and Rhode Island) have had fatal incidents involving police.


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