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The Origin and Anatomy of the Stanley Cup



Take a look below for everything you would ever need to know about the Stanley Cup:

stanley cup


As the NHL playoffs heat up, we bring you the inside scoop on Lord Stanley’s coveted Stanley Cup.

The good lord decided to take matters into his own hands when there was no clear championship back in 1892. Now, after 122 years, it is one of the most coveted trophies to win in professional sports. The original cup was decommissioned in 1963 after it was starting to wear thin and deemed too fragile to put in the hands of rough hockey players. There are now 3 Stanley cups; the retired original, the modern version and an official replica.

The modern version that we see today is a 35 pound, nearly pure silver piece of eye candy. This values the Stanley cup at $9,000 in its weight in silver alone. The cup is made of 3 distinctive parts: the cup at the top, the rings where the names of the champions are engraved and the neck brace for support.

This year, 3 of  the 4 teams in the semi-finals are part of the original 6 NHL teams. The Montreal Canadiens have the most Stanley Cup wins, with 23 (go Canada, eh). Us Canadians know who we’ll be rooting for.




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