Mapping the Quality of Life Around the World

Mapping the Quality of Life Around the World

Mapping the Quality of Life Around the World

We have previously posted maps showing the cost of living, monthly disposable income, and what matters most to people in each country in the world.

Today’s map on quality of life uses the same concept as well as information from Numbeo, the world’s largest user-generated database on cities and countries.

In this case, the Quality of Life Index is generated using actual information from the population rather than government statistics. The index is based on seven factors: safety, healthcare, consumer prices, purchasing power, traffic commute, pollution, and property price to income ratio.

Switzerland ranked in first place by a wide margin for quality of life, followed by fellow European countries such as Denmark, Germany, Finland, and Sweden. Surprisingly, Saudi Arabia and Oman came in #5 and #6 respectfully. Both Middle Eastern countries have lower consumer and property prices, making income and purchasing power going further.
The United States came in 10th and Canada finished 12th.

On the bottom of the list were countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Ghana, Mongolia, Myanmar, and Syria. The one surprise on the bottom may be Peru, which is considered an upper middle income country by the World Bank.

Original graphic by: Movehub


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