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Mapped: Population Density of Brazil



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Map showing the population density of Brazil.

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Mapped: Population Density of Brazil

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Brazil is ranked seventh in the world with a total population of 217 million people.

This map shows the country with a population density overlay. The higher the spikes on the map, the higher the population density of an area. This type of visualization clearly shows settlement patterns within a selected geographical region. Data is from WorldPop.


Similar to other large countries, like China, the population is clustered in dense coastal cities and thins out further into the interior of the continent. In fact, more than half of Brazil’s population lives within 150 km of the coast.

Cities in Brazil are dense, but not by global standards. São Paulo is the largest, most dense city in Brazil, but is still only one-third as dense as Mumbai.

Points of Interest

The most populated portion of the country is easy to spot on the map. The largest cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, are only 430 km (270 miles) apart – roughly the same distance as Chicago and Detroit.

CityPopulation (2022)
São Paulo12.3M
Rio de Janeiro6.7M
Belo Horizonte2.3M
Porto Alegre1.3M

Further inland are the planned cities of Goiânia and Brasília. The latter is the master-planned capital of Brazil, which has a much lower population density than its coastal counterparts due to the urban planning principles used at the time.

Branching inward along the bottom of the country is the BR-364 highway, with smaller population centers visible along the route.

The Amazonian city of Manaus is easy to spot in the northwest of the country. The Amazon River is also clearly visible, as low-level population density follows the course of the river through the vast rainforest.

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