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The Hyperloop: Disrupting the Transportation Industry



Inside the Hyperloop

The Hyperloop: Disrupting the Transportation Industry


As if the successes of Paypal, Tesla and sending things into space weren’t enough, Elon Musk is at it again. Proposed last year, Musk’s innovative Hyperloop transportation system has the very real potential of being a disruptive technology that changes they way we commute and travel.

The aim of the Hyperloop is to connect adjacent major cities that have frequent travel between them, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Rapid transportation systems are applicable to many markets across the world and have succeeded, as evidenced by Japan’s Shinkansen train system. More recently, even oil rich Texas has been moving forward with plans to develop a bullet train system between Houston and Dallas.

The need for an environmentally and financially viable alternative to driving is apparent. In addition the near irreparable damage to our atmosphere, the global price of oil has been steadily climbing, and the looming Iraqi civil war has only amplified this.

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