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How Popular Snack Brand Logos Have Changed



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Graphic illustrating the development of popular snack brand’s logos.

How Popular Snack Brand Logos Have Changed

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Branding and logos are vital elements of a successful snack product, shaping consumer perceptions, purchasing choices, and fostering long-term brand loyalty.

From Coca-Cola’s evolution since 1890, to Pepsi’s recent nostalgia rebranding, this graphic illustrates the development of logos for popular snack brands. The data is from 1000 Logos.

Pepsi vs. Coke

Pepsi’s latest logo released in 2023 delivered a hit of nostalgia, reverting to the “globe” design of previous decades.

The wordmark is also much bolder, reminiscent of the company’s logo from the early 1900s. Due to the brand’s many logo changes, we weren’t able to fit logos further back than 1991.

In contrast, Coca-Cola, its rival, has kept its iconic script logotype, which first emerged at the end of the 1880s, pretty much untouched since the early 1900s. The current rendition of the symbol was unveiled in 1903, featuring an intensified shade of red by 1934. Since then, the logotype has been refined, but always keeping the same style and mood.

Famous Cookie, Many Logos

Oreo is perhaps the iconic snack brand with the most logo redesigns in history. There have been more than ten different versions of the emblem for the famous cookies.

The very first logo for Oreo was introduced in 1912 and stayed with the brand for almost a decade. It was an elegant and ornate black inscription in all capitals with the first “O” enlarged. Over time, the logo changed to the three-dimensional badge that has identified the cookies since 2001.

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