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Charted: The World’s Highest Homicide Rates, in Each Region



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This bar chart shows the most dangerous country by region in the world.

The World’s Highest Homicide Rates, by Region

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A rise in organized crime and the spread of illegal weapons are fueling violent deaths globally.

While there are varying trends across regions, the worldwide homicide rate reached 5.8 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2022. Overall, firearms were the leading cause of these deaths.

This graphic shows the world’s highest homicide rates by region, based on data from UNODC.

Countries With the Highest Homicide Rates

Here are the countries or territories with the highest homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants in each region:

RegionRankCountryHomicide Rate per 100,000 People
South America & Caribbean1🇯🇲 Jamaica53.3
2🇻🇨 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines40.4
3🇹🇹 Trinidad and Tobago39.5
Africa1🇿🇦 South Africa34.0
2🇳🇬 Nigeria21.7
3🇸🇿 Eswatini12.7
North America1🇲🇽 Mexico26.1
2🇧🇲 Bermuda10.9
3🇺🇸 United States of America6.4
Asia1🇮🇶 Iraq (Central Iraq)15.4
2🇲🇳 Mongolia6.2
3🇵🇭 Philippines4.3
Europe1🇷🇺 Russia6.8
2🇱🇮 Liechtenstein5.1
3🇺🇦 Ukraine3.8
Oceania1🇬🇺 Guam4.2
2🇫🇯 Fiji2.2
3🇹🇴 Tonga1.0

All data is for 2022 except for South Africa, where data is as of 2020.

The highest homicide rates globally are found in the South America and Caribbean region, with the majority of homicides driven by crime-related activities.

Going further, the region is home to three of the world’s deadliest countries. With a murder rate of 53.3 per 100,000 people, Jamaica’s deadly violence is more than eight times as high as America. In recent years, a surge of illegal firearms have entered the country, with the majority of these weapons smuggled out of the U.S., particularly from Florida.

Following Jamaica are the island nations of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago. These two countries are known hubs for Venezuelan cocaine traffickers that transit illegal drugs to the U.S. and Europe.

Mexico ranks as the most dangerous country in North America, with more than 30,000 murders each year since 2017. The Mexican government has sued seven American gun manufacturers due to their alleged role in selling guns to traffickers, which subsequently reach criminal organizations. Overall, the $10 billion lawsuit is targeting major U.S. manufacturers—including Colt and Smith & Wesson—whose guns often appear at crime scenes.

South Africa, the region’s most industrialized nation, has the highest murder rate in Africa. Amid ongoing violent crime, recorded kidnapping rates increased by 41.7% between 2022 and 2023. Overall, there are 2.4 million illegal guns in the country during a time of record crime rates.

Which Regions Are the Least Violent?

As we can see, the region of Oceania has the lowest murder rate worldwide.

Similarly, Europe has low levels of violence compared to other global hotspots. Across the region, Russia ranks as the deadliest, and concerningly, recent data from the judicial department of Moscow reported that the murder rates of returning soldiers from the Ukraine war surged 900% between 2022 and 2023.

Among the factors driving the the rise in homicide rates are post-traumatic stress disorder and the government of Russia releasing ex-convicts, offering them a pardon to participate in the war.

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Ranked: The Top 10 U.S. Pizza Chains by Market Share

Domino’s is the biggest pizza chain in the U.S. by sales.



Graphic showing America’s biggest pizza chains by 2022 revenue.

Ranked: Top 10 U.S. Pizza Chains by Market Share

This was originally posted on our Voronoi app. Download the app for free on iOS or Android and discover incredible data-driven charts from a variety of trusted sources.

About 3 billion pizzas are sold annually in the United States. In 2022, pizza restaurant sales in the U.S. reached an all-time high of $46.9 billion, an increase of roughly $10 billion compared to just a decade prior.

This graphic lists the top 10 U.S. pizza chains based on 2022 sales figures. This data was accessed via Statista (published June 2023).

Domino’s Domination

Domino’s is the biggest pizza chain in the U.S. by sales, reaching $8.6 billion in revenue in 2022. The brand is also found in 90 other countries around the globe, including stores on every continent except Antarctica.

According to Domino’s main website, there are over 20,500 locations worldwide, which collectively serve over 1 million customers per day.

Domino’s is followed by Pizza Hut with $5.3 billion in revenue. Little Caesars, with $4.7 billion, completes the top three.

Company2022 Revenue (USD)
Domino's Pizza8,572,000,000
Pizza Hut5,270,000,000
Little Caesars4,724,000,000
Papa Johns3,712,000,000
Marco's Pizza1,063,000,000
Papa Murphy's753,000,000
MOD Pizza662,000,000
Hungry Howie's534,000,000
Round Table463,000,000
Jet's Pizza441,000,000

The top end of this ranking contains household names, but regional pizza chains also make the cut. Jet’s Pizza is popular in the Great Lakes region, and most Hungry Howie’s locations can be found in Michigan and Florida.

The overall number of pizza restaurants in the U.S. has been on the rise, reaching more than 80,000 units in 2022.

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