Canada’s Resource Cities: Thunder Bay & Northwestern Ontario

Canada's Resource Cities: Thunder Bay & Northwestern Ontario

Canada’s Resource Cities: Thunder Bay & Northwestern Ontario

In this series of five infographics, we will be highlighting some of Canada’s most intriguing resource cities. Today’s post is sponsored by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce.

What makes Thunder Bay one of Canada’s most prominent resource cities?

An 18 hour drive from Toronto, Thunder Bay is the furthest thing from a typical city along Ontario’s most populous corridor. With a wealth of forests, minerals, and value-added services, the city is a major contributor to the future of both Ontarians and Canadians.

Some interesting facts on Thunder Bay covered in this infographic:

  • Almost half of Ontario’s productive forests are in Northwest Ontario, and Thunder Bay is the centre for the forest products industry in the province.
  • Workers in Northwestern Ontario’s mining industry are striking gold, both on site and with their average salary. The average Thunder Bay mining wage is $91,000, compared to a $48,000 average wage in the province.
  • The Port of Thunder Bay is the largest export port on the St. Lawrence Seaway. It is a major hub for food grown in Western Canada, and 80% of shipments are grains from Canada’s breadbasket.
  • Five new gold mines are expected to come into production over the next four years in the region, each contributing $300 million per year to Ontario’s GDP.


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