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Breaking Down the US Dollar’s Recent Bull Run



Breaking Down the US Dollar's Recent Bull Run

Breaking Down the US Dollar’s Recent Bull Run

Over the last year, the US Dollar has had an incredible surge in value of 11%. It appreciated against all main currencies in the world in 2014.

Meanwhile, gold also actually increased in value when valued against the vast majority of world currencies but the dollar was the only currency that it could not conquer.

What is behind this surge in value for the dollar?

In our opinion, it is a very easy explanation: as investors abandon all other options, they continue to look for safe havens. With central banks such as the Swiss National Bank and the Bank of Canada making surprising interest rate or pegging decisions, everyone is looking for safety and predictability. The ECB and Bank of Japan are piling onto the problem by fighting deflation with massive quantitative easing programs.

These are also the reasons why gold has also seen a recent bounce back as well.

The question is: how long can the USD remain the safe haven of choice? With moderate economic growth still happening, investors still seem to have confidence in the United States. However, if that at all falters and economic growth slows, there will be nowhere to hide. Remember that it only takes one event to cause a ripple effect and the US Dollar bull run could be over.

To quote Mr. Warren Buffett: “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

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Investor Education

The Top 5 Reasons Clients Fire a Financial Advisor

Firing an advisor is often driven by more than cost and performance factors. Here are the top reasons clients ‘break up’ with their advisors.





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This circle graphic shows the top reasons for firing a financial advisor.

The Top 5 Reasons Clients Fire a Financial Advisor

What drives investors to fire a financial advisor?

From saving for a down payment to planning for retirement, clients turn to advisors to guide them through life’s complex financial decisions. However, many of the key reasons for firing a financial advisor stem from emotional factors, and go beyond purely financial motivations.

We partnered with Morningstar to show the top reasons clients fire an advisor to provide insight on what’s driving investor behavior.

What Drives Firing Decisions?

Here are the top reasons clients terminated their advisor, based on a survey of 184 respondents:

Reason for Firing% of Respondents
Citing This Reason
Type of Motivation
Quality of financial advice
and services
32%Emotion-based reason
Quality of relationship21%Emotion-based reason
Cost of services17%Financial-based reason
Return performance11%Financial-based reason
Comfort handling financial
issues on their own
10%Emotion-based reason

Numbers may not total 100 due to rounding. Respondents could select more than one answer.

While firing an advisor is rare, many of the primary drivers behind firing decisions are also emotionally driven.

Often, advisors were fired due to the quality of the relationship. In many cases, this was due to an advisor not dedicating enough time to fully grasp their personal financial goals. Additionally, wealthier, and more financially literate clients are more likely to fire their advisors—highlighting the importance of understanding the client. 

Key Takeaways

Given these driving factors, here are five ways that advisors can build a lasting relationship through recognizing their clients’ emotional needs:

  • Understand your clients’ deeper goals
  • Reach out proactively
  • Act as a financial coach
  • Keep clients updated
  • Conduct goal-setting exercises on a regular basis

By communicating their value and setting expectations early, advisors can help prevent setbacks in their practice by adeptly recognizing the emotional motivators of their clients.

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Curious about what drives investors to hire a financial advisor? Discover the top 5 reasons here.

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