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Bonus Gift: Get our ‘Best of VC+ in 2022’



To celebrate the launch of our 2023 Global Forecast Series, we’re offering all VC+ subscribers a bonus gift – ‘Our Best of VC+ in 2022’.


Subscribe to VC+ and receive ‘Our Best of VC+ in 2022’.

Everyone who subscribes before Dec 30th will receive a specially curated list of all the best VC+ dispatches that have been sent out to members over the last year.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read on to discover more about what you’ll get from the Global Forecast Series and all the regular VC+ content.

As 2022 comes to a close, this past year was packed with uncertainty and volatility across international borders and markets.

  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has worn on, entrenching geopolitical divides
  • Energy prices have surged around the world with record-setting volatility
  • Markets await the Fed’s pivot on interest rates as a global recession looms

To help you navigate the year ahead, we’re giving a glimpse into the future at what experts are predicting for 2023 with the upcoming Global Forecast Series.

The 2023 Global Forecast Series

Over the next few weeks, VC+ members will be receiving the ultimate cheatsheet for 2023, giving them a head start into the New Year.

This includes an in-depth report curating the most important insights from 300+ expert predictions for 2023, access to an exclusive webinar and Q&A session, along with a recap of how expert predictions panned out this past year.

To gain access to the 2023 Global Forecast Series and more, join VC+ and all these special features will be sent straight to your inbox.

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Need more details? Here’s what we have in store:

“2023 Global Forecast Report”

REPORT: Your Guide to 2023’s Expert Predictions and Trends to Watch Out For

The 2023 Global Forecast Report will reveal the pivotal trends that will shape our world next year. Compiling hundreds of expert predictions, we distill their insights for 2023 into one essential report.

From how current geopolitical clashes and tensions will unfold to market and industry forecasts, this report will contain everything you need to know for the year ahead with impactful and digestible visuals.

Coming Wednesday, January 11th, 2023 (Get VC+ to access)

“VC+ Webinar: Unpacking the 2023 Global Forecast”

EXCLUSIVE EVENT: Explore 2023’s Predictions With the VC Team and Ask About Specific Forecasts

This special event gives members a chance to explore the key findings from our 2023 Global Forecast Report, as the VC team dives into additional insights and predictions that didn’t make it into the report.

VC+ members will get a chance to ask questions regarding expert forecasts or predictions related to any sector, industry, or topic, with the VC team finding answers from our 2023 predictions database.

Coming Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 (Get VC+ to access)

“Looking Back at 2022’s Prediction Consensus”

SPECIAL DISPATCH: How Did Expert Predictions for This Past Year Pan Out?

Each year our research team digs into hundreds of reports, forecasts, and predictions to curate our annual Prediction Consensus.

This VC+ special dispatch revisits 2022’s Prediction Consensus and looks at what experts got right, wrong, and didn’t see coming at all. The dispatch also takes a look at what last year’s successful predictors are saying about 2023, in case they nail it again.

Published Friday, December 23rd, 2022 (Get VC+ to access)

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By joining VC+, you’ll also have access to our regularly scheduled content including our premium newsletter, The Trendline, and bi-monthly special features.

Don’t forget to sign up before December 30th to gain access to our 2023 Global Forecast Series, along with our bonus gift of all the best VC+ special dispatches from this year.

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What’s New on VC+ in March?

This month’s VC+ special dispatches feature the insights from Knight Frank’s latest flagship report and markets this month.



If you’re a regular visitor to Visual Capitalist, you know that we’re your home base for data-driven, visual storytelling that helps explain a complex world.

But did you know there’s a way to get even more out of Visual Capitalist, all while helping support the work we do?

VC+ is our members program that gives you exclusive access to the weekly visual insights that leaders at Fortune 500 companies use to stay ahead.

Along with The Trendline newsletter twice a week and our monthly special dispatches, you’ll also get access to our new VC+ Archive—unlocking hundreds of insights in one place including our latest Global Forecast Series.

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Here’s what VC+ members can look forward to for the rest of this month:

New to VC+ in March 2024

“At a Glance: Key Takeaways from Knight Frank’s 2024 Wealth Report”

SPECIAL DISPATCH: Breaking Down the Insights from Knight Frank’s Latest Flagship Report

key takeaways from flagship report

In today’s world, time is of the essence. With the sea of information that exists, it’s difficult to extract what’s truly important.

In this Special Dispatch series, we do the work for you, analyzing global reports from reputable sources to neatly deliver the key takeaways along with context and commentary.

This time, we’ll examine Knight Frank’s 2024 Wealth Report, the organization’s flagship publication which breaks down changes in global wealth distribution, property markets, and the trends that matter most for ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Coming Tuesday, March 12th, 2024 (Get VC+ to access)

“Markets This Month: March Edition”

SPECIAL DISPATCH: Everything You Need to Know for This Month in the Markets

Banner image with header text: "VC+ Markets this Month" and smaller text below: "The Top Charts in the Markets"

This Special Dispatch exclusive to VC+ subscribers provides a high-level summary of key events and the most important market trends coming up. It’s our way of cutting through the noise and sending you the data that matters most for the markets each month.

March’s edition will include:

  • An economic calendar of the biggest data and earnings releases to be aware of
  • A handful of essential charts diving into the state of the markets
  • And a collection of insightful links worth reading, watching, and listening to

Coming Tuesday, March 26th, 2024 (Get VC+ to access)

The Trendline

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