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Biden and Trump: The Least-Liked Presidential Candidates in Over 30 Years



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This graphic shows the percentage of people who have had unfavorable views of both major party candidates since the 1988 presidential election.

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Biden and Trump: Least-Liked Presidential Candidates in 30 Years

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As the 2024 U.S. presidential election approaches in about four months, a quarter of Americans have unfavorable views towards both major party candidates – President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

This graphic shows the percentage of people who have had unfavorable views of both candidates since the 1988 presidential election.

Methodology: The Pew Research Center interviewed 8,638 adults between May 13 and 19, 2024, using a random sampling of residential addresses. The Center asked the participants for their overall opinion of each candidate. For previous elections, candidate favorability ratings are based on Pew Research Center surveys and the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research archives, using surveys conducted in May or June each election year.

Biden, Trump Least-Liked Since 1988

Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump are the least-liked pair of major party presidential candidates in at least three decades.

Around 25% of the interviewees hold unfavorable views of both candidates, surpassing the 20% registered in 2016 when Trump ran against former U.S. Secretary of State, senator, and first lady Hillary Clinton. It is also nearly twice as high as four years ago, when 13% of Americans expressed unfavorable opinions of both Biden and Trump.

Year% Unfavorable Views in May/JuneCandidates
19885%H.W. Bush (R) vs. Dukakis (D)
199213%H.W. Bush (R) vs. B. Clinton (D)
19969%Dole (R) vs. B. Clinton (D)
20006%G.W. Bush (R) vs. Gore (D)
20046%G.W. Bush (R) vs. Kerry (D)
200813%McCain (R) vs. Obama (D)
201211%Romney (R) vs. Obama (D)
201620%Trump (R) vs. H. Clinton (D)
202013%Trump (R) vs. Biden (D)
202425%Trump (R) vs. Biden (D)

According to the 2024 survey, 39% of Americans view Trump favorably, while 37% have a favorable opinion of Biden. Trump’s ratings are roughly the same as they were at about the same point in 2016 (37% favorable) but lower than in 2020 (42%). Biden’s ratings are lower than they were at this point in 2020 (46% favorable).

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