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Charted: Automaker Sales by Region in 2023



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Graphic showing automaker sales by region in 2023

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Automaker Sales by Region in 2023

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Car companies are often global businesses, with operations in many regions around the world.

To dig deeper into this topic, we visualized automaker sales by region, for 10 major brands. All figures were sourced from, and are based on 2023 sales.

Data & Key Takeaways

All of the data we used to create this graphic is listed in the table below.

EuropeChinaRest of
Middle East
& Africa
🇯🇵 Toyota23%11%20%33%6%7%
🇯🇵 Nissan30%11%23%20%12%5%
🇯🇵 Honda34%2%33%28%3%1%
🇰🇷 Hyundai24%16%7%39%8%7%
🇰🇷 Kia30%21%3%35%6%5%
🇺🇸 Chevrolet66%0%6%3%22%2%
🇺🇸 Ford57%26%5%6%4%2%
🇩🇪 Volkswagen8%33%45%3%11%2%
🇩🇪 Mercedes16%39%33%9%2%2%
🇩🇪 BMW18%34%37%9%2%2%

*Latin America & the Caribbean, and excluding Mexico (which is included in North America’s totals)

From this sample of 10 major car brands, we can see that Chevrolet had the highest North American sales concentration in 2023, at 66% of sales. Chevrolet’s next biggest market is Latin America, which represented 22% of sales.

This is in contrast to Ford, where Europe is instead its second largest market (accounting for 26% of 2023 sales).

Moving on to the German automakers included in this graphic, all three brands sell a significant portion of their cars in China. For BMW and Volkswagen, China accounts for an even larger portion of sales than Europe.

China is the place to be. Our continued success in the world’s largest automotive market can only go hand in hand with the continuous growth and development of our local footprint in the country.
– Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW

BMW has been one of the most successful foreign automakers in China, selling over 826,000 vehicles in the country in 2023. In April 2024, the company announced an additional $2.76 billion investment for its plant in Shenyang, a city north east of Beijing.

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