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Tessa Di Grandi

Writer, Mining & Capital Markets

Tessa earned a Bachelor of Communications at Griffith University. Before joining Visual Capitalist she wrote for marketing agencies, news broadcasters, and film & tv production companies. She is focused primarily on mining and markets but will also explore other topic areas. Tessa enjoys awkward humor and making animal friends.

Contributions By Tessa Di Grandi

  • An investor's guide to copper in 3 charts An investor's guide to copper in 3 charts
    Investor Education6 days ago

    An Investor’s Guide to Copper in 3 Charts

    Explore three key insights into the future of the copper market, from soaring demand to potential supply constraints.

  • Investor Education6 days ago

    3 Lithium Insights for Today’s Investors

    Discover three key insights that could shape the future of lithium, from soaring demand to supply challenges.

  • Mining3 months ago

    Visualized: How Much Metal is Used in Clean Energy Technology?

    Metals are critical to the rollout of clean energy technologies like wind and solar, but just how much do they use?

  • Batteries5 months ago

    Visualized: The Rise of the LFP Battery

    In 2022, the EV sector's market share of the LFP battery rose from just 6% in 2020 to 30%, highlighting its growing popularity.

  • Agriculture5 months ago

    Visualized: The Global Implications of Fertilizer Shortages

    Supply shortages of fertilizer are causing a complex dynamic that could trigger a domino effect of consequences for food security.

  • Shareable a digital gold mine Shareable a digital gold mine
    Technology5 months ago

    Visualized: What is a Digital Goldmine?

    Digital goldmines allow investors to reap the benefits of gold without the negative environmental consequences. Here is how it works.

  • Batteries6 months ago

    Mapped: Where is the Best Phosphate For LFP Batteries?

    Phosphate reserves stand at around 72 billion metric tons, but not all phosphate reserves are suitable for manufacturing EV batteries.

  • Amazons flying river cycle Amazons flying river cycle
    Agriculture6 months ago

    Here’s Why the Amazon is So Important for Global Food Security

    The Amazon rainforest plays a critical role in supporting crop growth by stabilizing the climate and balancing water cycles.

  • Batteries6 months ago

    4 Benefits of LFP Batteries for EVs

    LFP batteries are gaining popularity in EVs, with brands like Tesla and Ford increasingly adopting this technology due to their benefits.

  • Green7 months ago

    The Carbon Emissions of Gold Mining

    Gold has a long history as a precious metal, but just how many carbon emissions does mining it contribute to?

  • Graphic showing the top importing and exporting countries for fertilizer Graphic showing the top importing and exporting countries for fertilizer
    Agriculture8 months ago

    The Fertilizer Market: 4 Things Investors Need to Know in 2023

    What factors are impacting the fertilizer market in 2023? Here are four trends driving global fertilizer demand.

  • Mining8 months ago

    Why Does the Automotive Industry Need PGMs?

    PGMs will continue to play a critical role in the transformation of the automotive industry as the world aims to achieve net-zero targets.

  • Agriculture9 months ago

    Fertilizer: Why it’s More Important than You Think

    Fertilizer usage dates back to as early as 6,000 to 2,400 BC and remains just as crucial for crop production today.

  • Mining9 months ago

    Fork in the Road: 2 Scenarios For The EV Rollout

    There are several factors that limit the rollout of electric vehicles. Here are two opposing scenarios for how it could play out.

  • Mining10 months ago

    Visualized: The EV Mineral Shortage

    Demand for mineral supply of lithium, nickel, and cobalt is expected to grow from 10%-20% to over 80% by 2030.

  • Agriculture11 months ago

    What’s Behind The Rise Of Food Prices?

    Many variables contribute to the rising cost of global food. Let's take a look at two major factors influencing food prices in recent years.

  • Environment1 year ago

    The Biggest Carbon Emitters, By Sector

    The manufacturing and construction sector contributed to 6.3 billion tonnes of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2019.

  • Agriculture1 year ago

    Mapped: Where Does Our Food Come From?

    Did you know that over two-thirds of national crops originated from somewhere else? Over time the food that built national diets has evolved.

  • Environment1 year ago

    The Construction Industry’s Growing Waste Problem

    Globally around 2 billion tonnes of waste is generated every year and the construction industry is a large contributor.

  • animated chart of stock returns on the S&P 500 animated chart of stock returns on the S&P 500
    Markets1 year ago

    Visualizing S&P 500 Performance in 2022, by Sector

    This video highlights S&P 500 performance through Q3. See how sectors and key companies have performed from Jan 1 to Sep 30, 2022.

  • Mining1 year ago

    Can Electric Vehicle Targets Be Met?

    According to new research from KGP Auto, 2040 electric vehicle targets are unlikely to be met. This graphic explains why.

  • Environment1 year ago

    How Much Waste Does a Renovation Create?

    600 million tons of C&D debris was generated in the U.S. in 2018 alone. What materials contribute to renovation waste?