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6 Reasons Why Signals is a Great Holiday Gift




This year Christmas will be a little different. 

There’s uncertainty on whether family and friends will be able to gather over the holidays, and your annual work Christmas party may be virtual instead. That’s why this year, the act of giving is more important than ever.

We’ve pulled together 6 reasons why our new book Signals is the perfect gift to inspire and encourage, and why your loved ones deserve Signals under the tree.

Buy Signals as a Gift

1. It’s packed with brand new charts and visualizations.

The graphics in Signals were designed exclusively by our team for the book, so all 258 pages feature fresh new infographics, charts, and maps. 

Signals is custom printed on high quality paper to make the visuals really stand out, and is protected by a strong hardcover.

2. It’s a great gift for clients.

Keep your brand at the top-of-mind going into 2021 by sending Signals as a corporate gift.

Our customized bulk orders include custom book jackets, your company logo and colors, a personalized note, and discounted bulk pricing. 

Place your customized bulk order before November 30th to guarantee delivery before Christmas. Bulk orders typically take 7-8 working days to process. Please note that some international orders are experiencing shipping delays due to COVID-19.

3. As a result of the pandemic, people are reading more.

With no social obligations, no commute, and more time on our hands, there’s plenty opportunity to dive into a good book. 

Our latest book has 27 signals to explore, with hundreds of different charts and visualizations to check out when there’s a spare minute. 

4. Left your holiday shopping too late? 

If you cut it too fine for shipping, Signals is available as a PDF eBook, so readers can dive into all chapters on their phone, tablet, or desktop for an affordable $9.95 USD.

The eBook is instantly downloadable, so it can be enjoyed right away.

5. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Signals identifies simple and clear takeaways on the trends that will define the next decade.

The powerful data found throughout the book can be used as a reference point to better understand the factors shaping the future direction of the economy, enabling professionals and investors around the world to make smarter decisions. 

6. There’s something for everyone.

Readers can take a closer look at topics that interest them, while learning something new about areas they are less familiar with.

Chapters in the book include:

  • Money & Markets
  • Society & Demographics
  • Technological Innovation 
  • Environment
  • Digital World
  • Geopolitical Landscape

Take a look at the full table of contents below.

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Buy Signals as the perfect holiday gift now – don’t miss out.

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The Best Visualizations of February on the Voronoi App

We round up the most popular, most discussed, and most liked visualizations of the month on Voronoi, our new data storytelling platform.



At the end of 2023, we publicly launched Voronoi, our free new data discovery app!

The initial response from both users and creators has been incredible. We now have millions of in-app views, and there are already hundreds of interesting visualizations to discover, many of which will not be published on Visual Capitalist.

For that reason, we’ve chosen to highlight some of the most popular visualizations and creators from February in this roundup. To see them and many others, make sure to download the app!

Download Voronoi Now

Let’s take a look at a popular creator worth highlighting, as well as the most viewed, most discussed, and most liked posts of the month.


Pranav Gavali

Visual Capitalist isn’t the only creator on the Voronoi app.

Instead, it features incredible data-driven charts and stories from many of the world’s best creators, like Pranav Gavali.

Pranav's visualizations on Voronoi

Pranav has been sharing many interesting datasets on Voronoi so far, including:

  • The world’s largest aircraft makers
  • The cost of a gigabyte of data in different countries
  • The countries with the highest and lowest corporate taxes
  • The largest solar power plants

Pranav is definitely worth a follow on the app, and we can’t wait to see what he posts next!

View all of Pranav’s visuals on Voronoi today.


GDP Growth Projections for the G20 in 2024

How are the world’s biggest economies expected to do in 2024?

GDP Growth Projections for the G20 in 2024

This visualization from Visual Capitalist was one of the most viewed by users, and it shows where global growth is happening in some of the world’s most crucial economies.

Interestingly, just three economies (India, China, Indonesia) sit above the average rate of 3.1%.

Get the data behind this visual on Voronoi today.


Panama Canal Traffic by Shipment Category and Tonnage

The most commented on visualization from Visual Capitalist showed annual traffic through the Panama Canal, and how it breaks down by shipment category and tonnage total.

Panama Canal Traffic by Shipment Category and Tonnage

Various developments, including the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, have led to a recent spotlight on shipping choke points around the world.

Users wondered if similar visuals for the Suez Canal are in the works, while other users remarked that it was unique to use ship illustrations to chart the data in this instance.

To join the conversation, download Voronoi today.


Global Uranium Reserves

The most liked visual on Voronoi in February came from Visual Capitalist, showing the world’s uranium reserves.

Global Uranium Reserves

The data here is pretty interesting. Australia has the most reserves of uranium, yet only ranks in fourth place in global production.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan ranks second in reserves, but is the world’s biggest producer by far with a 45% share of global production.

Get the data behind this visual on Voronoi today.

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