The World’s Greatest Fears

The World's Greatest Fears

The World’s Greatest Fears

What are the greatest fears by country? Today’s infographic shows that throughout the world, people are concerned about very different things.

By region, North Americans and Europeans are generally most fearful of inequality. However, each other region had their own number one perceived fear. Africans, not surprisingly, were most afraid of AIDS and other diseases. South Americans were most afraid of nuclear warfare and Asians were most afraid of pollution and environmental concerns. Lastly, people in the Middle East were most concerned about religious and ethnic hatred.

Culture and history also makes the fears of specific countries to be more heightened. More than half of Lebanese people (58%) fear religious and ethnic hatred the most. 49% of Japanese people most fear nuclear weapons. In Spain, where 51.4% of youth are unemployed, it is not surprising that 54% of Spanish people fear inequality the most. Spain is also where the fear of inequality has grown the fastest – it has increased 27% in the last seven years.

Original graphic from: Easy Life Cover


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  • Canadian1969

    Canada = bears

  • jimbo

    SAY WHAT ??!?!? What happened to Global Warming?? According to Al Gore and Obama, that’s our greatest threat!

  • Fear is what will happen to the prison industrial complex when 500,000+ political prisoners are released as marijuana is legalized.

  • gdaym8

    “The sky is always falling, but never quite does”……………………………………

  • Perplexed

    Please excuse me for nitpicking, but since when have Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States been considered “continents”? The first two are vaguely defined “regions” and the last is a country. And apparently, either Australia is not a continent, or their population fear nothing at all….and are Canadians now considered US citizens?

  • Bob

    Economic collapse, Police state, and shredding of Constitution are number 1 here in the US.

  • Silver Savior

    USA – Republicans.

  • Fred762

    I find it very strange that the Joe 6Paks’ in the USA greatest FEAR is of inequality..we’ve never had equality and we’d hate it IF we ever got it.

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